Over 100 presentations and 70 speakers featured at CON-X 2023 in Rimini, Italy
19/01/2023 3 Minute Read

Over 100 presentations and 70 speakers featured at CON-X 2023 in Rimini, Italy

Admission to the Italian Baseball and Softball Convention is 30 euros for only one more day thanks to a generous contribution by the Department of Sport and of Sport and Health. CON-X 2023 presents a great opportunity for all those involved in the sporting industry.

The complete program for CON-X 2023 has been unveiled thanks to the generous support from the Sport & Salute project in conjunction with the Scuola dello Sport. Never before has there been so many special guests, presentations and training opportunities for our movement.

There are CON-X 54 speakers and 16 guests, from Italy and abroad, who will take turns in the halls of the Palacongressi di Rimini from January 27-29, 2023. A total of 102 50-minute speeches, divided into 16 different topics, will be presented by various participants who will shed light and various sport disciplines over the course of three days.

Alongside the international guests, who we are presenting daily on the site, mainly included in the Technical Structures strands (coaches, referees and classifiers) we should mention, among others, interventions of particular relevance such as those dedicated to the communication and marketing of the Clubs (with Andrea Annunziata of Sporthink) and athletes (with Flavia Chiarelli); the 'psychological' path, which opens with Rolando Cretis who talks about the 'motor preferences' of each individual athlete, and continues with Daniele Stizza (Management of Emotions), Luana Morgilli (Effective communication and conflict resolution) and Sergio Costa, who will deal with the relationship with parents in baseball/softball.

The latter, together with Claudio Mantovani of the Scuola dello Sport, will lead on Friday a course for trainers, identified by the CNT, of the 'Transformational Leadership' method of which Jean Côté is one of the greatest authorities on the subject.

Still for executives, in particular, the seminar on the new Law on Sport, which is arousing so much attention (and concern), held by the President of the FIBS Board of Auditors, Alberto Rigotto and by the lawyers Nadir Plasenzotti and Michele Sacchi, and the meeting with the Plant Commission on the homologation procedures: Francesco Falcone and Johann Garigliano will also be available to clarify particular situations with a stand in the exhibition area.

On Saturday morning, an interesting moment with some of the authors of literary works of various kinds dedicated to the diamond disciplines led by Riccardo Schiroli who meets Beppe Carelli, Alessandro and Francesco Maestri, Alana and Jessica Mendoza, and Mariagrazia Petrino, who will then remain available to sign copies of their works, thanks to Calzetti e Mariucci Editori

In the afternoon, the large Amphitheater will host the traditional plenary appointment, opened by the FIBS President Andrea Marcon who will also introduce the presence of the Italian Baseball League for the Blind and Visually Impaired, led by Riccardo Matteucci for the practical tests on Sunday, and two more spectacular moments conducted by Matteo Gandini: the round table in which four women will talk about how they 'broke gender barriers' by assuming primary roles in baseball: Caitlyn Callahan, Alessia Cicconi, Simona Conti and Jessica Mendoza, which will be followed by the official presentation of Italy's ambassadors in view of the World Baseball Classic, exceptional testimonials for the Azzurri: Elio, Faso and Talisa Ravagnani, called to tell, together with Mike Piazza, their particular relationship with baseball.

On Sunday, a particular look at the commitment of the Federation's social responsibility partners, with the round table 'We are the change' led by Claudio Mantovani who will present the handbook 'The protection of minors in sport' published by the Government's Department for Sport, AGIA (Guarantor Authority for Childhood and Adolescence) and Sports School of Sport and Health; Change the Game which, with Daniela Simonetti, will show the film 'Stop Abuse in Sport' made with the contribution of the Department for Family Policies and the participation of baseball/softball boys and girls and the support of Fabrizia Marrone as of ambassadors, previewed in Milan on January 20, 2023; the students of MaBasta! Anti-Bullying Movement and their awareness work in schools.

As mentioned, the CON-X will not miss the area dedicated to exhibitors and the FIBS Philatelic Commission, present with a stand where it will be possible to obtain the cancellation dedicated to the Convention and all the latest ones made to commemorate important moments in baseball and the softball.

Over 750 tickets have already been sold. The €30 special admission price is only available on the Eventbrite platform until 11.59 pm on January 20, 2023. After that the ticket price increases to 50 euros for five days before the 100 euros at the Palacongressi door price is implemented. Forza #Italia!


by Marco Landi and Roberto Angotti