Serie A Baseball 2021 - Official Payoff
19/05/2021 2 Minute Read

An intense baseball season 2021 launched in Rome

Nella sala d’onore del Coni è stata presentata l’intensa stagione del baseball italiano. Quello che verrà ricordato come l’anno dell’allargamento della massima serie, da sei a 33 squadre: “Grazie alle squadre di serie A1” ha sottolineato il presidente Fibs Andrea Marcon “ma sarà anche l’anno dei ritorni sul palcoscenico più importante di piazza storiche come Milano, Torino, Firenze, Grosseto e Nettuno, con i laziali che hanno addirittura costruito una squadra che punta allo scudetto. E questo rientro è stato uno dei motivi che ci hanno convinto della bontà di un ampliamento del torneo, che, anche se all’anno zero, garantirà uno spettacolo di altissima qualità”.

Italian National Olympic Committee President Giovanni Malagò and FIBS President Andrea Marcon celebrate the start of 2021 baseball and softball seasons 

Inside the Comitato Olimpico Nazionale Italiano (CONI) Hall of Honor in Rome, CONI President Giovanni Malagò and FIBS President Andrea Marcon rejoiced about the remarkable comeback of Italian baseball and softball in light of the toll COVID-19 has taken on the sports and the lives of many--including the late and great Team Italy softball manager Enrico Obletter

CONI President Giovanni Malagò said, "The message we send from the Italian National Olympic Committee is significant and aimed at upholding the importance of baseball and softball, especially with the women's softball team participating in the upcoming Tokyo Games. CONI has 370 member federations, and not many sports reach the level of international team championships. Considering the women's softball team had set goals to play in the Olympics and paved the way to Tokyo by winning the Europe/Africa Qualifier, I want to congratulate FIBS President Andrea Marcon and his federation."  

CONI President Giovanni Malagò also remarked on the growth and development of Serie A baseball. He said, "We now have a baseball championship with 33 teams (including the historical return of Milano, Torino, Firenze, Grosseto and Nettuno) built on preserving the technical values and competing with the top seeds in the various groups. Even the small Republic of San Marino will have the opportunity to fight for the Italian title. It will be a quality start for baseball, and we can only be happy about it." 

FIBS President Andrea Marcon thanked all Serie A1 teams for their participation this year. He remarked, "The expansion from six to 33 teams will guarantee baseball being played at the highest quality in Italy. It will also be also an important season on the international level. We will be hosting the Seniors European Baseball Championship in Piemonte on the diamonds of Torino, Avigliana and Settimo Torinese. Manager Mike Piazza will have the task of bringing Italy back to its rightful place at the top." 

FIBS President Andrea Marcon continued and said, "We will also be hosting the U23 European Baseball Championship in Verona and the U18 European Baseball Championship in Macerata. Our Azzurrini squads will be competing in the U15 and U12 European Baseball Championships in hopes of qualifying for their respective World Cup competitions."  

FIBS Communication and Marketing Director Marco Landi also announced the launch of the new and improved FIBS website, which went online recently via the My WBSC platform. Described by WBSC President Riccardo Fraccari as a "digital ecosystem," the new format allows readers to enjoy a truly remarkable multi-media experience. FIBS Media Director Marco Landi commented, "It is a real revolution, an important journey that opens up new horizons in media for fans. Navigating the site is much easier, and it puts readers at the center of everything. All games and all aspects of the competition--including statistics, news and images are easily found." Forza #Italia

by Roberto Angotti