CON-X 2023 provides experience and new ideas for the CNC

CON-X 2023 provides experience and new ideas for the CNC
The CNC presents speakers of undisputed quality at CON-X 2023. International scorer Juan Diego Cubillo travels from Nicaragua to Rimini, Italy to special guest.

CNC President Anna Maria Paini kicks off CON-X on Friday afternoon, January 27, 2023 with an introductory address before an intensive three-day program for scorers begins. The international special guest will be Juan Diego Cubillo, a native of Masaya, Nicaragua, and an international scorer who has participated in numerous WBSC tournaments including U23 Baseball World Cup in 2020 and the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2021.

At the table of speakers will also sit our scorers, internationally renowned and with a great curriculum:

  • Stefano Pieri, CNC Technical Commission President, CNC National Instructor, and member of the CNC Technical Commission for Softball, brings a wealth of Olympic and international experiences.
  • Roberto Saletti, one of the three members of the CNC Technical Commission for FIBS, local manager for the northwest Tuscany and CNC Instructor, has contributed to the technical and linguistic revision of the Baseball Technical Regulations and its annual updates since 2018. He was the official scorer for the Women's Softball European Premiere Cup in Bollate and Scoring Director of the Men's Softball European Super Cup in Prague last year.
  • Fabio Zaccaria, CNC National Instructor and head of the Emilia area for Bologna and Modena, has been a scorer since 1989. He has served as Scoring Director in numerous international tournaments including the U23 Men's Softball World Cup, the Premier 12, the U12 Baseball World Cup and Seniors European Baseball Championship.
  • Maurizio Ronchi, international scorer since 1988 with over 1500 games experience and 12-year member of the ESF Technical Commission, has more than 60 international events under his belt. He was nominated for the Tokyo Olympic Games. Maurizio Ronchi has contributed to the technical and linguistic revision of the Baseball Technical Rule and its annual updates since 2018.
  • Marco Battistella, Friuli Venezia Giulia Regional Manager, CNC National Instructor, member of the ESF Scorer Commission and Scoring Director since 2003, brings a wealth of experience to the table after participating in many in international competitions such as the Softball World Cup and the Olympics.

Professor Mario Mazzocchi and Franco Ludovisi discuss statistics at CON-X 2023. Professor Mario Mazzocchi is from the Department of Statistics at the University of Bologna and is the creator of BaseX, a statistical analysis center for baseball developed between FIBS/CNC and the school. The innovative program was used during the 2019 Olympic Baseball Qualifying Tournament in conjunction with the WBSC and Fortitudo Baseball Bologna. Franco Ludovisi played baseball for 27 seasons and coached on the senior, youth, military and university levels as well as the Italian national team. In addition, he served as advisor to the National Coaches Committee from 1985 to 1989. Franco Ludovisi will shed light on the ongoing compilation of Italian lifetime statistics. Forza #Italia!


by Marco Landi and Roberto Angotti