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Italian baseball and softball lifetime stats dating back to 1956 available online
21/04/2022 2 Minute Read

Italian baseball and softball lifetime stats dating back to 1956 available online

National Classifiers Committee (CNC) President Anna Maria Paini has led the charge in the demanding job of completely re-digitalizing all baseball and softball rosters from the 1950s to modern day

Sportswriters rejoice as complete statistical profiles of the Italian baseball and softball players are now available online. In years past, journalists often spent countless hours researching for bit and pieces of data from different sources to publish accurate information. Over 70 years of Italian baseball and softball history has been compiled as result of the hard work of National Classifiers Committee (CNC) President Anna Maria Paini and her staff of unheralded heroes. She said, "First of all I would like to thank some individuals who have worked tirelessly to make this project a success. Franco Ludovisi, who performed thorough research to correctly merge data while encountering many technical complications along the way; Alberto Carletti, classifier from Rome, who processed the data to bring them together in a database; Fausto Nardi, who prepared the web pages to make them user friendly; and Michael Zambelli, who made last year's statistics available to us in a format that we were able to process and integrate."

She continued to elaborate on the difficult process in gathering the information and delivering the statistics online. “I must sincerely admit that the work we do is ongoing. As I have said several times, my dream would be to have Italian baseball and softball lifetime statistics from youth level all the way to the Olympics. It is a laborious task but with addition of the new WBSC system, which we have integrated, we will be able to piece together all the events and statistics in a single place."

National Classifiers Committee (CNC) President Anna Maria Paini was candid about this challenging project. "The work of recovering and updating data has been a very long process undertaken by dedicated individuals in recent years who have been able to decipher fact from fiction as information becomes less legible as symbols and rules for classifying have changed over time. We have inserting all the data in the new statistical system as if the games were played in front of our eyes. In this way at the end of the day, we will have all the data and profiles aligned and available; however, this requires a lot of time for entering data and even more checking for accuracy. We have chosen to reconstruct a simpler system, largely reconnecting data already available with information that has been refined and includes recent statistics."

CNC President Anna Maria Paini concluded, "I hope that everyone will understand that it is possible to continue our efforts only during the winter season since during the competitive season the classifiers are busy on the fields in addition to having a professional and family life outside the foul lines. If anyone finds errors or has suggestions, interested parties are welcome to email cnc@fibs.it as we want to accurate depict what took place in the past while representing history during the digital age"

The Italian baseball and softball lifetime stats search engine link can be accessed directly from the fibs.it home page menu on the left. You can also click here: SCHEDE VITA .

by Roberto Angotti

(Photo of Anna Maria Paini at CON6 2019 by PhBass)