CON6 2021

CON6 2021: How to follow in English, Italian, or the language of choice from March 16-20, 2021

As previously announced, CON6 2021 takes place virtually online from March 16-20, 2021. The free interactive event invites participants from all over the world to follow all the action through the use of their own electronic devices without leaving home. Viewers have the ability to choose between the English or Italian language offerings via the dedicated page on the website.

Using the language of their choice, participants can access the calendar of featured speakers and their topics of discussion with the day, time, and title listed with a link directly to the videos uploaded on the official FIBS YouTube channel: FIBSChannel. The use of the YouTube platform allows anyone to take advantage of the automatic translation and subtitling function, which is available in dozens of languages.

The day and time of each session indicated in the CON6 2021 calendar is the premiere or first viewing. All sessions will remain available online until noon the following day. Participants are be able to ask questions about the presentations, which will be summarized and commented live during the interactive session on Saturday, March 20, 2021. Forza #Italia!

by Roberto Angotti

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