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Team Italy roster revealed for Baseball5 European Championship

Maurizio Balla, manager of the Italian Baseball5 national team, has announced the names of the eight athletes who will participate in the first-ever Baseball5 European Championship in Vilnius, Lithuania from February 28-March 1, 2020. The Team Italy roster consists of four males and four females since at least two members of each gender must be in the game at all times.

The following players have been selected to represent Team Italy in the Baseball5 European Championship: Elisa Grifagnano (Macerata Softball), Giulia Mattioli (Sestese Softball Club), Elena Slawitz (Old Parma Baseball Softball Club), Luisa Macciotta (Avigliana Rebels), Matteo Pizzolini (New Black Panthers), Matteo Pascoli (Cairese Baseball Club), Marco Pascoli (Cairese Baseball Club), and Matteo Oldano (Grizzlies Torino Baseball Club). Italian skipper Maurizio Balla will be assisted by delegation manager Claudio Marinelli,

Team Italy competes in group B of the Baseball5 European Championship against Belarus, Latvia and Romania. The Baseball5 European Championship winner and runner-up will advance to the Baseball5 World Cup, which will be hosted by Mexico in December. Forza #Italia!

by Roberto Angotti

Maurizio Balla leads Italy in Baseball5 European Championship