Italian Softball League 2016 Gold Gloves and Silver Bats

To end the 2016 season of the Italian Softball League (ISL), a commission formed by the Communications Office, the Scorers Committee and staff from the national team, analyzed the perforamnce and statistics from the 2016 ISL regular season (playoffs and cups excluded) to award the Gold Gloves and Silver Bats.

The winners will be recognized and receive their awards during the 2017 season.

The Gold Gloves were assigned to the players with the best defensive performance at each position. The results were a study of the statistics, as long as the player played at least half of their team games at that position. For the outfielders, the top three were chosen without differentiating each outfield position.

The athletes awarded the 2016 ISL Gold Gloves are:

PITCHER Veronica Comar (Stars Tecnovap Staranzano)
CATCERH Valeria Bortolomai (Specchiasol Bussolengo)
1ST BASE Linda Leonesio (MKF Mollificio Bollate)
2ND BASE Beatrice Salvioni (Rheavendors Caronno)
3RD BASE Clare Warwick (Legnano)
SHORTSTOP Melany Sheldon (Rheavendors Caronno)
OUTFIELD Kelsey Coleman (Labadini Collecchio), Chantal Versluis (Sestese), Alba Pizzorni (Rhibo La Loggia)

The Silver Bats were instead awarded to the player with the highest batting averager at each position.  The winners are:

PITCHER Karla Claudio (Rheavendors Caronno, media .516)
CATCHER Amber Parrish (Poderi Dal Nespoli Forlì, media .377)
1ST BASE Francesca Rossini (Legnano, media .355)
2ND BASE Elisa Grifagno (Poderi Dal Nespoli Forlì, media .303)
3RD BASE Quianna Diaz Patterson (Rheavendors Caronno, media .500)
SHORTSTOP Kelly Sheldon (Specchiasol Bussolengo, media .361)
OUTFIELD Lara Buila (MKF Mollificio Bollate, media .396), Chantal Versluis (Sestese, media .420), Beatrice Ricchi (Rhibo La Loggia, media .385)
DESIGNATED – Kylee Studioso (Labadini Collecchio, media .333)