The 2016 Champions Cup to be held in Rimini and Godo

Rimini and Godo will official be hosting the 2016 European Champions Cup. This announcement came at 2016 Gala dei Diamanti (Italian baseball and softball awards ceremony) as the Rimini Pirates were on stage for their accomplishment of winning the 2015 Italian Baseball League. 

The 2015 European Champions Cup will feature Rimini, Bologna, San Marino out of the Italian Baseball League (IBL) as well as two clubs out of Holland, two out of Germany and one out of the Czech Republic. The tournament will be getting underway during the first week of June.

Other news for 2016

The IBL will consist of 8 teams of which will include Bologna, Nettuno, Nettuno2, Novara, Padova, Parma, Rimini and San Marino. The 8 participating clubs will be divided into two division and will play a total of 3 games a week (home-away series as well as inter league that will include one series with each of the teams in the other division). More news to follow on the complete structure of the league…

CEB Cup. The 2016 CEB Cup will take place in Rouen and Chartres, France from the 20th the 25th of June, and will feature two teams out of France and one out of Austria, Belarus, Switzerland and the Ukraine.

At the National Team level… The European Championship will be taking place in Hoofddorp, Holland from the 9th through the 18th of September. The countries involved in the event are Holland, Italy, Spain, the Czech Republic, Germany, France, Belgium, Russia, Great Britain, Greece and Sweden.