The 2016 edition of the IBL

The 2016 edition of the Italian Baseball League has begun to come to light with the official announcement of a three game a week format, which will be getting underway on the 8th of April. Each club will be given the opportunity to play Thursday, Friday and Saturday or on Friday and Saturday, with Saturday being dedicated to a doubleheader.

The 2016 IBL will include an 8 team format, divided into 2 divisions of 4. Each team will play six, three game series within their division, and four, three game interleague sets. The first phase of the league will come to a conclusion on the 21st of May, while the second phase (semifinal round robin between the top 4 clubs out of the 1st round) will get underway during the first weekend of June after the first round of the 2016 European Champions Cup. The Italian Baseball Series will then get underway on the 11th of August, with the eventual game 7 of the best of 7 series being scheduled on the 21st of August.

The four clubs not participating in the round robin semifinals will be playing in the Italian Cup, which will run through 27th of August.

In 2016 each club participating in the IBL will be allowed 5 foreign players, with the possibility of changing out 3 throughout the course of the championship.

More news to follow in terms of a completed schedule.