The 2015 Nettuno Baseball Club

Nettuno departed with eight names and said and then welcomed in thirteen. Of the eight not on this year’s roster you can find the names of Nelwin Sforza, Andrea Castrì, Josè Lorenzo, Rodney Rodriguez, Carlos Pezzullo, Fabrizio Lo Giudice, Yuri Morellini and Manuel Evangelista, however its easy for one to look and see that the lack of weight off of Nettuno’s 2014 lineup card will more then be made up for by the new faces that have been chosen to join the squad in 2015. On the long list of names Nettuno will be welcoming in P - Alessandro Ularetti (not active in 2014), 3B - Andrea D’Amico (Bologna in 2014), P - Jhonny Montoya (independent ball in 2014), 2B - Renato Imperiali (Parma in 2014), P - Mauro Salciccia (Padule in 2014), 1B - Max De Biase (Daom Buenos Aires in 2014), P - Paul Estrada (Tigres Chinandega in 2014), OF - Giuseppe Sellaroli (Nettuno 2 in 2014), 2B - Andrea Sellaroli (Nettuno 2 in 2014), OF - Davide Murari (Piacenza in 2014), 2B - Josè Ferrini (Piacenza in 2014), C - Carlos Maldonado (Navegantes Magallenes in 2014) and P - Davide Anselmi (AZL Reds in 2014). This group’s first test of the season will be no easy task, as they will have to head north to Rimini in order to take on a revamped Rimini Pirates squad that has their sights on another finals bid yet again in 2015. Game one is on Friday at 8:30 pm and game two is on Saturday, same time same place.