The Italian National Team heads to Florida

The Italian National Team will be heading to Florida from the 18th of February to the 2nd of March. Home base for the Italians during this time period will be Vero Beach, the place that manager, Marco Mazzieri has picked to being his team’s preparations for the 2014 European Cup later on this year.

24 Players have been named for the trip:

Pitchers (9) Crepaldi, Barbaresi, Cadoni (Fortitudo BO), Simone, Andreozzi, Giovanni D'Amico, Cooper (San Marino), Corradini, Escalona (Rimini)
Catchers (3) Reginato (San Marino), Sabbatani (Fortitudo BO), Latorre (San Francisco Giants)
Infielders (7) Vaglio, Grimaudo, Andrea D'Amico, Infante (Fortitudo BO), Martone (Nettuno 2), Santora (Rimini), Pantaleoni (San Marino)
Outfielders (5) Ambrosino (Fortitudo BO), De Simoni, Poma (Parma), Chiarini (Rimini), Caradonna (Nettuno)

The staff making the trip includes Manager, Mazzieri, pitching coach Bill Holmberg, coaches Gibo Gerali, Alberto D'Auria, Claudio Vecchi, and Augusto Medina. Trainer Gianni Natale, and medical staff Andrea Pellegrini and Massimo Baldi. Joining the club already stateside will be hitting coach Mike Piazza and physiologist Rafael Colon.