Porta Mortara, Junior Torino, Valmarecchia and Macerata earn promotions to 'A2' - softball

Porta Mortara, Torino Junior, Valmarecchia and Macerata all earn the right to a promotion from series B to A2 for the 2014 season.

In Rome, one of the two year ending softball series B tournaments ended with three teams (Macerata, Civis Valmarecchia, and Supramonte Orgosolo) tied for only two spots, which meant that the final standings had to be determined by the runs allowed divided by number of innings played on defense. In the end it was Valmarecchia and Macerata that earned promotions to series A2 out of this group

The second of the two series B tournaments held in Novara saw Junior Torino beat Bologna 10-0 in their first game, Porta Mortara 8-2 in game 2, and Malnate 14-0 in game three, which means they will be playing in A2 next season. Moving on with Junior Torino was Porta Mortara thanks to wins against Junior Bologna and Malnate.