Baseball stadium in Parma under water and suffering damage

PARMA - One of the top national daily newspapers in Italy, "LaRepubblica", featured an article on the state of the baseball facility in Parma,which was inaugurated only 2 years ago, costing the city of Parma nearly  4.0 million euros (5.38 million USD)

The Repubblica's article outlines the damage sustained tothe semi-new structure, evidencing that "Cavalli" stadium was unable towithstand the natural elements and extreme weather that blanketed most of Europethe past few weeks.

The Repubblica also cites that because of a lack of funding,the city of Parma has always elected to postpone the application of a reinforcingsealing treatment to the structure, and now the damage has been done.

The city of Parma has yet to release an official statementon the damage sustained to Cavalli Stadium.


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