FEDERAL SERIES 'A' LEAGUE -- Ten more games remain in the Federal Series A League, but it appears that three of the four playoff spots have already been settled. 

In the North Conference, Senago-Milan and Codogno have been teeter-tottering between first and second place throughout the season, and barring some unforeseen shake-up, both teams should sail to the regular season finish line 1 and 2, thus being pitted against the first and second place teams of the South Conference in the postseason.

In the South Conference, it certainly appears that 2009 Italian Baseball League squad, Reggio Emilia, will have no difficulty arriving in first place at the close of the regular season, but there is a big question mark regarding which team will snatch up second place and the final playoff berth.

Modena, Anzio and Sala Baganza are all vying for the second place and the likely last ticket into the postseason. 

North Conference Standings         South Conference Standings