The Coach Convention that took place in Rome during the third week end of January was the 25th of the history of the FIBS Coaches Commission.
Once again it has been a very succesful Convention, with over 300 coaches attending and with a good group of speakers from the United States: former Indians manager Eric Wedge, former gold glove second baseman Robby Thompson for baseball; St. Thomas University head coach John Tschida for softball.

FIBS President Riccardo Fraccari had to say to the coaches: "The Federation cannot do your job. You have been developing players for the last 25 years and you know what I am talking about: we need a huge combined effort to take the Italian school of baseball to the next level".

The Coaches of the Year where Enrico Obletter for softball and Marco Nanni for baseball.
Awards to their career were given to Giulio Montanini for baseball and Maurizio Cipriani for softball.
The Futures Award went to Elisabetta Morresi for softball and Fabrizio Piraino for baseball.