The Italian Softball League 2010 will begin the season on April 3rd. The second half will begin on June 2nd and the play off will begin after the break for International competitions. The best of 5 Italian Softball Series will be played from September 25th.
This is the official schedule:

Week 1 (first half 3/4; second half 2/6)

Titano Hornets-Amga Legnano
Des Caserta-Unione Fermana
Sanotint Bollate-Madige Sport La Loggia
Fiorini Forlì-Mosca Macerata
Off: Museo d'Arte Nuoro

Week 2 (10/4;  5/6)

Amga Legnano-Mosca Macerata
Madige Sport La Loggia-Des Caserta
Museo d'Arte Nuoro-Titano Hornets
Fiorini Forlì-Sanotint Bollate
Off: Unione Fermana

Week 3 (17/4;  12/6)

Titano Hornets-Fiorini Forlì
Des Caserta-Amga Legnano
Unione Fermana-Museo d'Arte Nuoro
Sanotint Bollate-Mosca Macerata
Off: Madige Sport La Loggia

Week 4 (24/4; 19/6)

Amga Legnano-Sanotint Bollate
Madige Sport La Loggia-Unione Fermana
Museo d'Arte Nuoro-Des Caserta
Mosca Macerata-Titano Hornets
Off: Fiorini Forlì

 Week 5 (1/5;  26/6)

Des Caserta-Mosca Macerata
Unione Fermana-Fiorini Forlì
Sanotint Bollate-Titano Hornets
Madige Sport La Loggia-Museo d'Arte Nuoro
Off: Amga Legnano

 Week 6 (8/5; 3/7)

Titano Hornets-Madige Sport La Loggia
Amga Legnano-Unione Fermana
Sanotint Bollate-Des Caserta
Fiorini Forlì-Museo d'Arte Nuoro
Off: Mosca Macerata

 Week 7 (15/5; 10/7)

Des Caserta-Titano Hornets
Unione Fermana-Mosca Macerata
Madige Sport La Loggia-Fiorini Forlì
Museo d'Arte Nuoro-Amga Legnano
Off: Sanotint Bollate

 Week 8 (22/5; 17/7)

Amga Legnano-Madige Sport La Loggia
Des Caserta-Fiorini Forlì
Sanotint Bollate-Unione Fermana
Mosca Macerata-Museo d'Arte Nuoro
Off: Titano Hornets

Week 9 (29/5; 24/7)

Unione Fermana-Titano Hornets
Mosca Macerata-Madige Sport La Loggia
Museo d'Arte Nuoro-Sanotint Bollate
Fiorini Forlì-Amga Legnano
Riposa: Des Caserta

Every Week teams will play a double header at 6 and 8.30 pm