Team Italy U18 baseball hitting coach Stefano Cappuccini praises Azzurri squad

Team Italy U18 baseball hitting coach Stefano Cappuccini praises Azzurri squad
Hitting coach Stefano Cappuccini gave props to Team Italy after the Azzurri squad defeated France 13-6 in the U18 European Baseball Championship on July 6, 2021.

Moments after Team Italy beat France 13-6 on day two of the U18 European Baseball Championship with near triple-digit temperatures in Montegranaro on July 6, 2021, the cool and calm Azzurri hitting coach Stefano Cappuccini shared his thoughts. He said, "From the first to the last in the lineup, our team showed up to play excellent baseball. We didn't feel the heat because we were too focused on this game. Although the score may lead you to believe it was an easy win, France is still well equipped and a team to to keep an eye on."

When questioned about the next game against rival Kingdom of the Netherlands, Stefano Cappuccini did not hesitant to respond. "It will be another game we will approach with the same amount of concentration and determination. All the games start with the score zero to zero so we will play pitch-by-pitch, inning-by-inning to get the end result we desire. It is important that we take every game seriously with the same focus and concentration as we did today."

In the victory against France, Team Italy hitting coach Stefano Cappuccini's hard work paid off as the young and talented Azzurri squad collected a total of 12 hits. There were outstanding performances at the plate by second baseman Williams Wong (4-for -4, 2R, 2RBI, BB), shortstop Federico Ricci (3-4, 3R, 3RBI, BB, SB), catcher Samuele Bruno (2-for-3, R, BB) and DH Samuele Gamberini (1-3, 3 RBI, BB). Team Italy was also very active on the bases as the speedy Azzurre squad stole nine bases. Outfielders Tommaso Adorni (1-for-1, 3R, 3BB, 3SB) and Enrico Buin (1-for-3, R, BB, 3 SB) had three steals each. Stefano Cappuccini concluded, "We demonstrated excellent baserunning today." Forza #Italia #PerBill

by Roberto Angotti

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(Photo of Team Italy U18 hitting coach Stefano Cappuccini by Luca Giangrande)