The first historical title of Inox Team Saronno celebrated by a new Special Edition of FIBS' NFT

The first historical title of Inox Team Saronno celebrated by a new Special Edition of FIBS' NFT
FIBS issues in limited edition, for its Honor Club, the new Special Edition of the Official Token entitled "Saronno Softball Italian Champion 2022".

As already happened for the baseball title won by San Marino, to celebrate the victory of the first Scudetto of the Inox Team Saronno, obtained by winning the Italian Softball Series 2022 in three games, the Italian Baseball Softball Federation issues the Special Edition Saronno Softball Italian Champion 2022, made for the Official Token of the Fibs Honor Club series.

From 7 to 23 October 2022, anyone who registers at the Fibs Honor Club will receive the Official Token in its Special Edition "Saronno Softball Italian Champion 2022."

Andrea Marcon, FIBS President, presents the novelty: "Continuing the innovative strategy of development and dissemination of its digital assets, FIBS is pleased to reward the Italian Champions of the Inox Team Saronno Softball with the issue of a dedicated token. The limited edition "Saronno Softball Campione d'Italia 2022" Special Edition celebrates the winners of the Italian Softball Series, the highest Italian Softball championship and offers all fans the opportunity to participate in digital values and experiences, on mobile and social media, of Baseball and Softball, acquiring and forever preserving the memory of a significant moment such as winning the Serie A1 Softball 2022. "

Massimo Rotondo, President of Saronno Softball, expressed his joy for the prize won: “We extend our heartfelt thanks to FIBS and to President Andrea Marcon for this initiative. We are happy that the conquest of our first title coincides with the first issue of a Token dedicated to the winners. We will thus be able to remember this unforgettable feat forever simply by purchasing the digital Token, keeping it in our smartphone and showing it to everyone. Everyone can now share a piece of our victory. "

Francesco Guido Bonetti, President of Innova et Bella, the professional services company leader in Italy for web3 solutions dedicated to supporting sports institutions, appointed as arranger to issue the Fibs Honor Club Tokens, said: "Thank you to our Aaa Tokens platforms, Federations and sport clubs can now automatically issue, with simplicity and efficiency, any series of special limited editions of Tokens, dedicated to individual players, matches, coaches, trophies, stadiums, events… to preserve forever the memory of important moments, as in this case, the victory of a top Italian championship. The Special Edition "Saronno Softball Italian Champion 2022" is a new opportunity to join the Fibs Honor Club and collect celebratory tokens. "

To register for the Honor Club and receive your "Saronno Softball Campione d'Italia 2022" Special Edition Token, you can connect to the issue portal

FIBS allocates all the profits resulting from the registration services to its Honor Club to support its institutional activities in favor of its members and to the promotion of baseball and softball with particular attention to the development of youth programs.

In this specific case, the income will be entirely used for the purchase of kits to support the Prime Basi Scuola program.


Marco Landi