Team Italy manager Mike Piazza summons 38 players to Godo on June 30, 2021

Team Italy manager Mike Piazza summons 38 players to Godo on June 30, 2021
National Baseball Hall of Famer and Team Italy manager Mike Piazza has selected 38 players for a workout in Godo on Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Following an intensive training exclusively for pitchers and catchers in Collecchio on June 15, 2021, Team Italy manager Mike Piazza has invited 38 prospective Azzurri Senior squad players to report to Godo on Wednesday, June 30 for an extensive workout. Although some invitees are returning after participating in Collecchio and others have been part of the U23 squad, there are some new faces being considered by Italian skipper Mike Piazza and his capable staff. 

Team Italy is preparing for the much-anticipated European Baseball Championship in Piemonte, where the diamonds of Torino, Avigliana and Settimo Torinese become the battleground for the Azzurri squad to reclaim the Euro championship throne from September 12-19, 2021 in honor of the late and great Italian baseball coordinator Bill Holmberg.

Team Italy manager Mike Piazza will be assisted in Godo by pitching coach Vince Horsman as well as coaches David SheldonDan BonannoAlessandro Maestri and Gianmarco Faraone. In addition, athletic trainer Michele Corbo, physiotherapist Massimo Baldi and delegation team manager Vincenzo Mignola will be on hand to complete the Azzurri staff.

The following players are expected to participate in Godo:

CognomeNomeRuoloSquadra d'appartenenza
1AndrettaMaurizioPRams Baseball Club Viterbo/Montefiascone Baseball
2AgrettiFilippoIFFortitudo B. C. 1953
3AldegheriMattiaPA.S.D. San Martino Junior B.S./Parma 1949
4AstorriCesareCCollecchio B.C./Parma 1949
5BassaniAlexPFortitudo B. C. 1953
6BertossiRiccardoOFFortitudo B. C. 1953
7BortolottiLucaPFortitudo B. C. 1953/Longbridge 2000
8Brolo GouveaMuriloPFortitudo B. C. 1953
9CaiffaTommasoPStaranzano Ducks B. S. C
10CelliFedericoOFSan Marino B. C.
11CrepaldiFilippoPFortitudo B. C. 1953
12DeottoAlessandroCParma 1949/Collecchio B.C.
13Di RaffaeleLucaPSan Marino B. C.
14DobbolettaLorenzoOFFortitudo B. C. 1953
15Epifano DuranErick AlessandroCSan Marino B. C.
16FabianiDiegoPCervignano Baseball A.S.D./Collecchio B. C.
17Ferrini ColmenarezJosé LeonardoIFA. S. D. Reggio Rays Baseball/San Marino B. C
18GarbellaNicola Luciano SathyaPAosta Bugs/San Marino B. C.
19GarbellaGiovanni Vito SathyaOFAosta Bugs/San Marino B. C.
20GiarolaTommasoIFGrizzlies Torino '48 B. S. C
21GrimaudoAlessandroIF/OFFortitudo B. C. 1953
22IoliNicolòPTorre Pedrera Falcons B. C.
23LoardiNiccolò MariaOFFortitudo B. C. 1953
24LiberatoreErnesto PaoloCA. S. D Reggio Rays Baseball/Fortitudo B. C. 1953
25Martini ParilliRenzo GuillermoOFFortitudo B. C. 1953
26MineoAlbertoCNew Black Panthers/Parma 1949
27MonelloGiulioCA. S. D. Rangers B. C./Parma 1949
28MorresiLorenzoCMacerata Angels/San Marino B. C.
29Palumbo CardozoAngelo Michelle PaoloPA. S. D. Reggio Rays Baseball/Fortitudo B. C. 1953
30PaoliniRicardo SegundoIFA. S. D. Reggio Rays Baseball/ Parma 1949
31PerezRamon LeonardoPMontegranaro/Cervignano Baseball
32PomaSebastianoOFCollecchio B. C./Parma 1949
33QuattriniGabrielePB. C. Le Pantere Potenza Picena/Macerata Angels
34RiveraYomelPCollecchio B. C./Parma 1949
35SabbataniMarcoCB. S. C. Godo
36ScottiClaudioPFortitudo B. C. 1953
37SheldonBryanPBollate B. C. 1959/Senago Milano United B. C.
38ZottiMatthiasPNew Black Panthers/Fortitudo B. C. 1953

Forza #Italia

by Roberto Angotti

(Photo of pitcher Angelo Palumbo in Collecchio by EP-Collecchio B. C.)