Team Italy U12 baseball squad and Talent Team U14 players practice in Riccione this weekend

Team Italy U12 baseball squad and Talent Team U14 players practice in Riccione this weekend
Azzurrini manager Stefano Burato has invited 23 Team Italy U12 baseball prospects and 24 Talent Team U14 players divided into two different groups on October 16 and 17, 2021 in Riccione

Team Italy U12 manager Stefano Burato and his staff are busy at work in Riccione this weekend putting together a new roster while preparing the older players for their next adventure on Talent Team U14. The Italian skipper will be assisted by coaches Simona ContiAlessandro Rosa ColomboIvano Licciardi, and Alberto Furlani as well as athletic trainer Mosè Roberto Serino.  It all begins on Saturday, October 16, 2021 when the Azzurrini baseball squad gathers to prepare for 2022 U12 Baseball World Cup. The following U12 players are expected to report in Riccione:

Last NameFirst NameYear of birthClub Affiliation
1AlmonteMatteo2010Bologna Athletics A.S.D.
2ArdiniFilippo2010A.S.D. Junior Rimini B.S./Softball Club Forlì A.S.D.
3BassiEnea2010A.S.D. Baseball Old Rags Lodi
4BiaginiTommaso2010Torre Pedrera Falcons B.C.
5BissaAnita2010Torre Pedrera Falcons B.C./Pianoro Softball A.S.D.
6CampofiloniGiovanni2010A.S.D. Unione Picena Bas. 2
7CarlettiPietro2010A.S.D. San Lazzaro '90 Baseball
8CerquaMattia2010A.S.D. Unione Fermana Softball
9ClementiGiacomo2010Cuprabaseball Softball A.S.D.
10CostanziAmedeo2010A.S.D. Junior Rimini B.S.
11Di AndillaMichele2010A.S.D. Unione Fermana Softball
12Di ChiaraDiego2010A.S.D. Unione Fermana Softball
13GangboJustin2010Tozzona Baseball Imola A.S.D.
14GiorgiSimone2010A.S.D. Valmarecchia B.S./A.S.D. San Marino Baseball Club
15IacoponiMattia2010A.S.D. Unione Picena Bas. 2
16LattanziNicolò2010A.S.D. Unione Fermana Softball
17MussoniThomas2010A.S.D Valmarecchia B.S./A.S.D. San Marino Baseball Club
18PellegriniGiulio2010A.S.D. Junior Rimini B.S.
19PezzulloCarlo2011A.S.D. Unione Picena Bas. 2
20PistolesiPietro2011A.S.D. Unione Picena Bas. 2
21ScuppaEdoardo2010Cuprabaseball Softball A.S.D.
22SterpiGiacomo2010A.S.D. San Lazzaro '90 Baseball
23VangelistiGabriele2010A.S.D Junior Rimini B.S.

The first meeting of the Talent Team U14 project will be held on Sunday, October 17, 2021 in Riccione. With an objective to help in the growth and development of players during the transitional period between the U12 and U15 categories, the Talent Team aims to build upon the player’s foundation every step of the way of his future. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many athletes have not had the opportunity to participate in international competitions. 

Coach Andrea Tulli will assist the Team Italy U12 staff as part of the Talent Team U14 project. The following U14 players are expected to report in Riccione on October 17, 2021: 

Last NameFirst NameYear of birthClub Affiliation
1ArdiniTommaso2008A.S.D. Junior Rimini B.S.
2BiscegliaFrancesco2008A.S.D. Fano Baseball '94/A.S.D. Baseball Club Le Pantere Potenza Picena
3BissaGiulio2008Torre Pedrera Falcons B.C.
4BrambillaDavide2008Torre Pedrera Falcons B.C.
5BrignoliMattia2008Crocetta Baseball Club A.S.D.
6ChittoliniGabriele2008Junior Parma Baseball Club A.S.D.
7CifalinòMichael2008Baseball Club Pesaro A.S.D.
8CirinàGabriele2008Cral Enrico Mattei/Softball Club Forlì A.S.D.
9CoppariTommaso2008Cuprabaseball Softball A.S.D.
10FabbiFederico2008Crocetta Baseball Club A.S.D.
11GardelliStefano2008A.S.D. Baseball Club Sala Baganza
12GeminianiRaffaele2008A.S.D. B.S.C. Godo/Cral Enrico Mattei A.S.D.
13GregoriniGiovanni2008Torre Pedrera Falcons B.C.
14LonferniniGian Maria2008Torre Pedrera Falcons B.C.
15LoriFilippo2008A.S.D. Baseball Club Sala Baganza
16MaiorelliLorenzo2008A.S.D. San Lazzaro '90 Baseball
17MarinangeliFederico2008A.S.D. Unione Picena Bas. 2
18NormaJon Louis2008A.S.D. Unione Picena Bas. 2
19PanaraEdoardo2008Crocetta Baseball Club A.S.D.
20PesciLeonardo2008Junior Parma Baseball Club A.S.D.
21SchianchiPietro2008Crocetta Baseball Club A.S.D.
22TamburiniFederico2008A.S.D. San Lazzaro '90 Baseball
23TosiniTommaso2008Crocetta Baseball Club A.S.D.
24ZaniDavide2008A.S.D. Baseball Club Sala Baganza

Anyone wishing to attend the Riccione training sessions must be in possession of a valid green pass. Forza #Italia!

by Roberto Angotti

(Photo of Team Italy in action during the 2021 U12 European Championship by LG-FIBS)