Team Italy manager Mike Piazza summons 24 players to Fossano in preparation for Euro Baseball Championship in Piemonte

Team Italy manager Mike Piazza summons 24 players to Fossano in preparation for Euro Baseball Championship in Piemonte
National Baseball Hall of Famer and Team Italy manager Mike Piazza has selected 24 Azzurri players to report to Fossano beginning Tuesday, August 31, 2021 to prepare for the European Baseball Championship in Torino, Settimo Torinese and Avigliana from September 12-19, 2021

The National Italian Seniors baseball squad has not played competitively since the 2019 Europe-Africa Olympic Qualifier. Having led the Italians to two European Baseball Championship titles as the team's hitting coach in the past, Mike Piazza goes for number three on Italian turf at the Euros in Piemonte as the new Team Italy manager. He was be assisted by coaches Doriano Bindi, Dan Bonanno, Gianmarco Faraone, Michele Gerali and pitching coach Vince Horsman. In addition, athletic trainers Andrea Cardone and Simone Bonaccorso as well as physiotherapist Massimo Baldi and FIBS Vice President Vincenzo "Gigi" Mignola will be on hand to support the team and coaches.

The athletes will join the Fossano training camp in groups with the Italian Baseball Series Champion San Marino Baseball players led by their manager Doriano Bindi reporting on Tuesday, August 31, 2021.

The following players are expected to report in Fossano:

Family Name First Name Birthdate Position Nationality Club 2021
Aldegheri Mattia 19/02/1998 P ITA Parma B.C.1949
Andretta Maurizio 22/05/1998 P ITA Montefiascone B.S. 67
Agretti Filippo 16/11/1995 IF ITA Fortitudo B.C.1953
Bassani Alex 25/11/1990 P ITA Fortitudo B.C.1953
Bocchi Matteo 19/07/1996 P ITA South Bend Cubs - A CHC
Brolo Gouvea Murilo 15/09/1988 P ITA Fortitudo B.C.1953
Celli Federico 12/02/1995 OF ITA San Marino B.C.
Crepaldi Filippo 15/02/1992 P ITA Fortitudo B.C.1953
Da Silva Tiago 28/03/1985 P ITA San Marino B.C.
Deotto Alessandro 07/12/1995 C ITA Collecchio B.C.
Epifano Erick 31/03/1990 IF ITA San Marino B.C.
Ferrini Leo 17/04/1989 IF ITA San Marino B.C.
Friscia Vito 19/12/1996 1B/C ITA Jersey Shore Blue Claws - A PHI
Garbella Nicola 11/12/1992 P ITA San Marino B.C.
Gonzalez Noel 09/04/1996 OF ITA Parma B.C.1949
Liberatore Ernesto 26/03/1996 C ITA Fortitudo B.C.1953
Mazzocchi Rene 18/08/1988 P ITA San Marino B.C.
Mercuri Mattia 20/08/1994 IF ITA Nettuno B.C. 1945
Mineo Alberto 23/07/1994 C ITA Parma B.C.1949
Palumbo Angelo 10/11/1995 P ITA Fortitudo B.C.1953
Pizzano Dario 25/04/1991 OF/1B ITA Southern Maryland - ATLL
Sellaroli Andrea 20/12/1997 IF ITA Nettuno B.C. 1945
Scotti Claudio 08/07/1998 P ITA Fortitudo B.C. 1953
Zotti Matthias 23/07/1997 P ITA Fortitudo B.C.1953

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by Roberto Angotti