Club Italia LA28 makes baseball debut in Grosseto with two wins
08/04/2024 2 Minute Read

Club Italia LA28 makes baseball debut in Grosseto with two wins

Club Italia LA28 manager Gianguido Poma and his coaching staff worked diligently with 24 baseball players for five days of extensive physical and athletic tests before winning two exhibition games against local Serie A teams in Grosseto

Club Italia LA28 defeated Bbc Grosseto 7-3 and Bsc Big Mat 5-4 at Roberto Jannella Stadium in Grosseto following five days of intensive training and conditioning. Club Italia LA28 baseball manager Gianguido Poma with the assistance of his capable coaching staff worked around the clock with 24 prospects and left Grosseto satisfied with the results.

Italian skipper Gianguido Poma said, "It went very well. We did the job we wanted to do, spending five days together with the kids is always important; they gave us the opportunity to get to know each other better, to start a journey, an idea to carry forward for a few years and to give our prospects opportunities."

Gianguido Poma, as a player, has experienced projects such as the one prepared by FIBS President Andrea Marcon, in light of the upcoming 2028 Los Angeles Olympic Games.

He continued, "It's difficult to repeat it in the same terms. However, the idea must be the same: to give these young athletes the opportunity to work and compete, in addition to what they do in their respective clubs. We have to put games in the legs and arms of the Azzurri at the beginning of the season and at the end of the season."

Gianguido Poma commented: "We have scheduled some dates with a single day, in order to monitor the kids and keep in touch. We are working, organizing to do something in October, in terms of instructional league or games, training and competitions. We believe that the path taken is the right one. It's what we do in the world to try to progress."

The Club Italia LA28 manager concluded, "I have excellent players to work with. If you give them 20-25 games a year, they can be champions. Our task is to give him more opportunities, if you increase the workload and the competition, they can only improve."

Game 1: Club Italia 7- Bbc Grosseto 3

Club Italia 000.300.101.20: 7  

Bbc Grosseto: 3

CLUB ITALIA: Angioi 6, Battioni 8, Cinelli 9, Gamberini 3, Zazza 5 (Giacomini), Laise bd, Piccini 7, Gonzato 2, Gerali 4. Pitchers: Pomponi, Sabatini, Cherubin, Montanari, Doba. 

BBC GROSSETO: Tomsjansen 8, Chelli 9, Herrera 6, Martini 5, Garcia 2, Franceschelli 7, Brandi 3 (Green), Vaglio 4, Carletti bd (Biscontri). Pitchers: Gonzalez, Soto, Benelli, Noguera, Taschini.

Game 2: Club Italia 5- Bsc Big Mat 4

Club Italia 202.100.000: 5

Bsc Big Mat 020.000.110: 4

CLUB ITALIA: Angioi 6, Battioni 8, Cinelli 9, Gamberini 2, Laise bd, Piccini 3, Giacomini 5, Gonzato 2, Gerali 4. Pitchers: Marelli, Taschin, Virgadaula, Bellucci, Nepoti, Zingarelli.

BSC BIG MAT: Tiberi 4, Sellaroli bc, Giordani 8, Mercuri 6, Cappuccini 7, Luciani 4, Funzione 5, Forti 2, Rrmetatori 9 (Secinaro). Pitchers: Sireus, Pecci, Artitzu, Mega.

Forza #Italia!

by Maurizio Caldarelli and Roberto Angotti