-Team Italy in 2019 Massimo Romeo Youth Trophy

Team Italy U14 softball manager Vanessa Tuci holds pitcher and catcher tryouts in Collecchio on February 21, 2021

Newly-appointed Team Italy U14 softball manager Vanessa Tuci has invited a total of 31 pitchers and catchers to demonstrate their talent in a morning and afternoon tryout in Collecchio on February 21, 2021. In search of the finest youth players born in 2007 and 2008 to represent the Team Italy U14 softball squad, manager Vanessa Tuci along with pitching coach Simona Barillari, coach Sara dall'Alpi, and delegation manager Claudio Marinelli will conduct the first of many showcases for prospective players.

Preparing these athletes to become contributors to Team Italy in the U15 European Softball Championship in 2022 is the main goal of the U14 coaching staff. Federazione Italiana Baseball Softball (FIBS) Vice President Roberta Soldi said, “U14 was born to prepare the future U15 players so that their development never stops and they grow together as a team.”

The following 16 players have been invited to the 9:30 am tryout: Cristianna Alvisi (New Bologna Softball ASD), Mirta Anselmi (Saronno Softball ASD), Giulia Biscaro (Bollate Softball 1969 ASD), Irene Bosi (ASD Softball e Baseball Club Langhirano), Alice Carpena (U.S. Giovanile Collecchio Softball), Giulia Colino (Bollate Softball 1969 ASD), Martina De Agostini (Bollate Softball 1969 ASD), Desiree Del Souc (U.S. Giovanile Collecchio Softball), Federica Forlani (U.S. Giovanile Collecchio Softball), Giulia Gamberini (Pianoro Softball ASD), Letizia Giunchi (Softball Club Forlì ASD), Margot Lenassini (Bollate Softball 1969 ASD), Emma Pecchenini (ASD Bulls Rescaldina), Ilaria Rubanu (Softball Club Forlì ASD), Irene Silvestri (U.S. Giovanile Collecchio Softball), and Giulia Squalizza (Bollate Softball 1969 ASD).

The following players are expected to report for the 2 pm tryout: Giada Cardani (Porta Mortara Baseball Softball Novara ASD), Eleonora Cesena (AB Caronno Softball ASD), Lucrezia Ghiretti (US Giovanile Collecchio Softball ASD), Anita Girardi (ASD Avigliana Rebels), Giorgia Marianello (BSC Grosseto 1952 SSD ARL), Sveva Mariotti (AB Caronno Softball ASD), Kylie Milano (New Bologna Softball ASD), Elisa Thi Thai Morlacchi (AB Caronno Softball ASD), Febe Ocera (ASD Stars Ronchi Softball Club), Lucia Polini (Bollate Softball 1969 ASD), Leila Russo (Bollate Softball 1969 ASD), Sofia Serafini (Softball Club Forlì ASD), Emma Stefania Silva (Bollate Softball 1969 ASD), Elisa Zanolla (ASD Stars Ronchi Softball Club), and Vittoria Zumerle (Bussolengo Softball 2.0 ASD). Forza #Italia!

by Roberto Angotti