Enrico Obletter, Virginia Mambelli, Patrizia Mambelli, Fabrizia Marrone, Carlo Masci, and Greta Cecchetti

Pescara honors Team Italy softball squad in preparation of Tokyo Olympics

Mayor Carlo Masci and Sport Municipal Councilor Patrizia Martelli honored the Team Italy softball squad inside the Pescara Council Chamber of Palazzo di Città on October 16, 2020. Team Italy softball manager Enrico Obletter was accompanied by Azzurre players Greta Cecchetti, Virginia Mambelli, and Fabrizia Marrone at the festivities.

Councilor Patrizia Martelli opened the ceremony by thanking the Italian national softball team for choosing the city of Pescara as the official training site in preparation for the Tokyo Olympics in 2021. She said, "I am really happy to have you in the city of Pescara. For us, it is an important and historical moment to have had the opportunity to host you as you prepare for the Tokyo Olympic Games. It is a privilege to have you here in the city of Pescara because you are the ones who gives Pescara prestige. I am particularly happy because you are successful and passionate athletes, who are dedicated to a sport that is anything but easy and that you play so well that you achieve extraordinary success."

Team Italy softball manager Enrico Obletter spoke from the heart during the presentation. He said, "For me, it is with great pride to be here in Pescara because I am from Abruzzo. We are also here for the city, its climate and its warmth. This is a very strong group, and I have been very lucky to take the team around the world because it has given me a lot of satisfaction. I have to thank Federazione Italiana Baseball Softball for its huge effort in launching the first stage here in Pescara towards Tokyo 2021 in the best possible way."

Mayor Carlo Masci echoed the sentiment of Councilor Patrizia Martelli in thanking Team Italy for choosing Pescara as the squad's official training site. He said, "I am happy with your presence in Pescara for this important step in light of the Olympics scheduled for next year. I hope you can return to our field, which I believe is among the best in Italy and is great for your training. Enrico Obletter is a son of Abruzzo, and the fact that he is the one to coach the team makes us even happier. We have a strong bond with baseball and softball because the field is named after Luigi Minnucci, who was a pioneer of baseball in our area. Whenever we can promote sports activities, we do it very willingly because sport allows a generation of children to live in a healthy way. Above all, respecting the rules of the game and learning that with sacrifice you can achieve results." Forza #Italia!

by Roberto Angotti

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