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2020 A1 Baseball Standings and Leaders

A1 Baseball StandingsAfter one month of A1 Baseball action in Italy, undefeated UnipolSai Fortitudo Bologna (12-0) has a slim one-game lead over San Marino (11-1). Former Team Italy captain Mario Chiarini serves as the manager for San Marino, a squad that would be tied with Bologna had it not been for a 3-2 loss to third-place Parma Clima (6-6) during a special livesteam on July 18, 2020. Godo is 3-8, while cellar dwellers Hotsand Macerata and Collecchio each have a 2-10 record.

Bologna's Riccardo Bertossi and San Marino's Lorenzo Avagnina lead all hitters with a .517 batting average. They are folllowed by Bologna's Ray-Patrick Ditter (.476) and Alessandro Vaglio (.472) and a pair of San Marino sluggers, Federico Celli (.447) and Giovanni Garbella (.433). Federico Celli and Bologna's Cesare Astorri share the lead for home runs (4). Parma's Alessandro Deotto is next with three homers, while his teammate Sebastiano Poma and San Marino's Lorenzo Avagnina loom dangerously close with two blasts each.

The top five run producers in A1 Baseball are Bologna's Alessandro Vaglio and San Marino's Federico Celli with 15 RBI each. Right behind them with 13 RBI are Bologna's Eladio Russo, Macerata's Jesus Carrera, and San Marino's Lorenzo Avagnina and Mattia Reginato. San Marino's Luca Pulzetti leads all players in runs scored (18), while teammate Federico Celli follows with 17 runs scored. Bologna's Lorenzo Dobboletta and Riccardo Bertossi are next with 15 runs scored. San Marino's Mattia Reginato is within striking distance of the leaders with 14 runs scored. 

Riccardo Bertossi slides into homeSan Marino's Federico Celli leads in hits (18), while Bologna's Alessandro Vaglio and Eladio Russo as well as Macerata's Eduardo Moredo have 17 hits each. San Marino's Lorenzo Avagnina and Bologna's Riccardo Bertossi are not far behind with 15 hits. Bologna's Niccolo Loardi and San Marino's Lorenzo Avagnina lead in doubles with four each. Parma's Alessandro Deotto, Bologna's Lorenzo Dobboletta, Macerata's Jesus Carrera, San Marino's Lorenzo Di Fabio, and Collecchio's Pietro Mantovani follow with three doubles each. Bologna's Alessandro Vaglio is the leader in triples (2), while Fortitudo teammate Samuele Gamberini, Parma's Aldo Koutsoyanopulos, Godo's Paolo Tanesini, and San Marino's Federico Celli, Lorenzo Di Raffaele, and Giulio Monello each have one triple.

Bologna's Riccardo Bertossi leads in on-base percentage (.702), while teammates Alessandro Vaglio (.583), and Niccolo Loardi (.560) as well as San Marino's Lorenzo Avagnina (.528), Parma's Alex Sambucci (.526) and San Marino's Mattia Reginato (.524) make up the top six. San Marino dominates in slugging percentage with Federico Celli (.872) and Lorenzo Avagnina (.806) on top. Parma's Alessandro Deotto (.719) and Bologna power-hitters Cesare Astorri (.714) and Alessandro Vaglio (.639) round out the leaders.

20200801 KOUTSOYANOPULOS Aldo PAR ruba la seconda (K73-NADOC)Bologna's Niccolo Loardi, Riccardo Bertossi, and Filippo Agretti lead A1 Baseball in walks with 16, 15, 13 free passes  respectively. San Marino's Mattia Reginato has 11 walks, and  and Bologna's Filippo Agretti are next in line with 11 walks, while Parma's Sebastiano Poma and Godo's Marco Servidei have 10 walks each. Parma's Aldo Koutsoyanopulos and Macerata's Eduardo Moredo are the top base stealers with five stolen bases. Bologna's Ray-Patrick Didder and Riccardo Bertossi as well as Collecchio's Davide Benetti are close by with four stolen bases and also followed by Bologna's Lorenzo Dobboletta, who has swiped three bases so far.

In the pitching department, Bologna's Matthias Zotti and San Marino's Alessandro Maestri lead A1 Baseball with four wins each. Bologna's Alex Bassani and Parma's Francesco Nardi have three wins, while San Marino's Dimitri Kourtis and Macerata's Gabriele Quattrini have two victories to their credit. A trio of Bologna relievers, Alex Bassani, Filippo Crepaldi, and Murilo Brolo, have one save each as does San Marino's Alessandro Maestri, Parma's Yomel Rivera, Godo's Gabriele Piumatti, and Macerata's Michele Quattrini.

Matteo Bocchi lanciatore vincente per la UnipolSai Fortitudo Bologna nella sfida di A1 Baseball contro la Hotsand Macerata (PhotoBass)San Marino's Alessandro Maestri, Markus Solbach, and Dimitri Kourtis have the lowest ERA (0.00) in A1 Baseball. Bologna's Matteo Bocchi (1.19), Matthias Zotti (1.40), and Alex Bassani (1.47) complete the list for the top six pitchers in ERA. San Marino's Alessandro Maestri leads in strikeouts (28), while Bologna's Alex Bassani has 24 strikeouts and Parma's Michele Pomponi has 23 Ks. Collecchio's Manuel Santana and Parma's Luis Lugo have 22 punchouts each. Collecchio's Diego Fabiani and San Marino's Markus Solbach are next with 21 strikeouts. San Marino's Dimitri Kourtis and Parma's Yomel Rivera follow with 20 and 19 Ks respectively. Forza #Italia!

by Roberto Angotti

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