Team Italy pitcher Matteo Bocchi

Team Italy pitchers and catchers report to Collecchio on February 8, 2020

Team Italy pitching coach Bill Holmberg has invited 18 Azzurri players for an intensive two-day training camp beginning February 8, 2020 in Collecchio. Assisted by coaches Paolo Ceccaroli and Mario Mascitelli, Bill Holmberg will work with the Team Italy pitchers and catchers with the support of trainer Gianni Natale, physiotherapist Massimo Baldi, and delegation manager Gigi Mignola.

The following Team Italy players are expected to report to the Collecchio baseball diamond in the province of Parma: Mattia Aldegheri, RHP; Samuel Aldegheri, LHP; Matteo Bocchi, RHP; Nicolò Clemente, RHP; Ludovico Coveri, RHP; Filippo Crepaldi, RHP; Lemba Della Salandra, LHP; Luca Di Raffaele, LHP; Alessandro Ercolani, RHP; Ettore Giulianelli, RHP; Alessandro Maestri, RHP; Yomel Rivera, LHP; Claudio Scotti, RHP; Valerio Simone, LHP; Oscar Tucci, LHP; Alberto Mineo, C; Marco Sabbatani, C; and Mario Trinci, C. Forza #Italia!

by Roberto Angotti