Team Italy manager Giulio Brusa selects 17 players for U16 European Women’s Softball Championship

Team Italy U16 women’s softball manager Giulio Brusa has announced his roster for the U16 European Championship in Zagreb, Croatia from July 29-August 3, 2019. The Italian softball skipper will be accompanied by pitching coach Stefano Filippini, coach Maristella Perizzolo, delegation team manager Claudio Marinelli, team physician Biagio D'Alessandro, and physiotherapist Valentina Pucci.

Prior to departing for the Euro competition, the Team Italy U16 women’s softball squad will compete in the second annual Vittorio Pino Memorial Tournament, which takes place from July 19-21, 2019 in Legnano (Milan). The Italians will then reconvene in Ronchi dei Legionari on July 24 for a mini-camp to prepare for the U16 European Championship.

The following players have been selected to participate in the U16 European ChampionshipGiulia Margherita Bancora, C/INF (Milan Baseball 1946 ASD); Anita Bartoli, C/INF/OF (ABC Massa Carrara SSD / ASD Nuove Pantere Lucca); Manola Beltrame, INF (ASD Softball Club Castionese / Bussolengo Softball); Sofia Bertani, P/INF (ASD Bussolengo Softball); Chiara Bolognini, INF/OF (ASD Baseball Softball Rovigo / Padova Braves Softball ASD); Sarah Bortolotti, P/INF (Pianoro Softball ASD); Alessia Brandi, P/INF (ASD Cali Roma Girls); Clara Carati, C/INF (Pianoro Softball ASD); Elena Cavalieri, P/INF /OF (Bollate Softball 1969 ASD); Agnese Giacometti, C/INF (Vicenza Baseball Softball / ASD Bussolengo Softball); Virginia Mambelli, INF/OF (Softball Club Forlì ASD); Alessandra Mavilla, INF (US Youth Collecchio Softball ASD); Maya Angela Milano, P/INF/OF (US Youth Collecchio Softball ASD); Valeria Munaretto, P/OF (ASD Bussolengo Softball); Beatrice Nannetti, P (Pianoro Softball ASD); Linda Rampoldi, P/OF (Bollate Softball 1969 ASD); and Elisa Raviola, C/INF (Bollate Softball 1969 ASD). Forza #Italia! #LetsMakeItHappen

by Roberto Angotti

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