Rai Radio 2 interviews Team Italy and Bussolengo softball sensation Giulia Longhi on October 30, 2018

Known for her great defense at third base and hot bat at the plate, Team Italy and Specchiasol Bussolengo softball sensation Giulia Longhi will special guest on the Rai Radio 2 program "Non è un Paese per Giovani" from 6 am to 7:30 am (EST) on October 30, 2018. Rai Radio 2 hosts Giovanni Veronesi and Massimo Cervelli are very popular on-air personalities who cater to the growing millenial audience with a daily dose (Monday through Friday) of entertaining and interactive programming. So it comes as no surprise that Giulia Longhi would be summoned to the airwaves to share her experiences playing in such high-profile tournaments as the Asia Pacific Cup in Australia and the Women's Softball World Championship in Japan for Team Italy as well as becoming a champion with Specchiasol Bussolengo in the 2018 Italian Softball Series.

Giovanni Veronesi e Massimo CervelliGiovanni Veronesi, who directed the film "Non è un Paese per Giovani" last year, has since captured the attention of tech-savvy young people who are hungry to build a better future of their own. The movie is about two guys from Italy, Luciano and Sandro, who are disillusioned with life in Europe and yearn to move to Cuba. Before they embark on their journey, the men go on the internet and strike up a friendship with a young Italian woman who lives in Cuba. She serves as their guide, but once in Cuba the two friends take on different paths.

The "Non è un Paese per Giovani" broadcast featuring the interview with Giulia Longhi on October 30, 2018 will be available as a podcast on the Rai Play Radio website and can be accessed by clicking HERE. Forza #Italia! #LetsMakeItHappen

by Roberto Angotti