Team Italy U12 manager Stefano Burato holds baseball clinic at FIBS Academy in Rome on November 11, 2018

The defending European Champion Team Italy U12 baseball squad is stepping up its game during the offseason. Having already held successful baseball clinics for some of the country’s finest youth players in Padova and Riccione, Team Italy juveniles manager Stefano Burato travels to the FIBS Academy at the CONI "Giulio Onesti" Olympic Training Center in Rome for his third session on Sunday, November 11, 2018 at 9:30 am. He will be joined by pitching coach Alessandro Rosa Comlombo as well as coaches Marco Bortolotti, Simona Conti, and Ivano Licciardi. The staff will lead the players through a series of exercises that will be useful for their development during the winter months in preparation for spring training.

With the 2019 U12 Baseball World Cup on his mind, Team Italy skipper Stefano Burato has also been using the Italian baseball clinics as a source of recruitment for prospective Azzurri players. A total of 28 athletes from central and southern Italy have been invited to participate at the baseball clinic in Rome. The following players are expected to report to the FIBS Academy on November 11. 2018: Alessandro Capone (Chieti Baseball Club), Edoardo Del Ciotto (Chieti Baseball Club), Francesco Armando Carmellino (Academy of Nettuno B.C.), Christian Matalone (Academy of Nettuno B.C.), Alessandro Mazzanti (Academy of Nettuno B.C.), Daniele Rosario Billi (Academy of Nettuno B.C.), Daniele Di Persia (Academy of Nettuno B.C.), Mirko Martinico (Academy of Nettuno B.C.), Riccardo Mazzanti (Academy of Nettuno B.C.), Valerio Ruetti (Academy of Nettuno B.C.), Damiano Cesali (Dolphins Anzio Baseball), Gabriele Cotogno (Dolphins Anzio Baseball), Giorgio Di Rosa (Dolphins Anzio Baseball), Umberto Pineschi (Dolphins Anzio Baseball), Vincenzo Zecchinelli (Dolphins Anzio Baseball), Alessio De Rosa (Polisportiva San Giacomo B.C. - Lion's Baseball Nettuno), Paolo Ottaviani (Polisportiva San Giacomo B.C. - Lion's Baseball Nettuno), Filippo Sabatini (Polisportiva San Giacomo B.C. - Lion's Baseball Nettuno), Lorenzo Caselli (Lupi Roma Baseball Club), Leonardo Bertollini (Rams Baseball Club Viterbo), Stefano Rocco (Fovea Baseball), Matteo Giorgeschi (Arezzo Baseball Sofball Club), Nicola Piccolo (Arezzo Baseball Sofball Club), Mattia Carapelli (Grosseto Baseball Sofball Club 1952), Matteo Galli (Grosseto Baseball Sofball Club 1952), Leonardo Mangani (Grosseto Baseball Sofball Club 1952), Stefano Natale (Coperativa Sportiva Dilettantistica YMCA), and Federico Rizzi (Coperativa Sportiva Dilettantistica YMCA). Forza #Italia! #LetsMakeItHappen

by Roberto Angotti