Team Italy Juniors travel to Sicily for 2018 Spring Training

Federazione Italiana Baseball Softball (FIBS) president Andrea Marcon and vice president Fabrizio De Robbio seached high and low for a location where the perfect playing conditions would allow the Team Italy Juniors to train for the upcoming U18 European Championship, which takes place in Grosseto from July 9-15, 2018. While most flock to Spring Training in Arizona or Florida, the Italians chose to stay closer to home and venture down to nearby temperate Sicily from February 24 to March 2, 2018 as part of an agreement between FIBS and the University of Messina. Italy U18 manager John Cortese, along with coaches Stefano Cappuccini, Gianmario Costa and Gianluca Marenghi, pitching coach Rolando Cretis, trainer Fabrizio Goracci, physiotherapist Graziano Abbate, and delegation representative Alessandro Cappuccini, will prepare the team of 23 promising athletes by playing a short series of exhibition games in Messina against some of Europe's top national teams--including Team Italy manager Gilberto Gerali's Azzurri squad. Team Italy Junior U18 Spring Training invitees include: Tommaso Aiello (Rimini 86-Delfini Riccione), Samuel Aldegheri (ASD San Martino Jr.) Gabriele Angioi (Cagliari BC), Tommaso Battioni (Jr. Parma BC), Riccardo Bertossi (New Black Panthers), Giulio Da Re (New Black Panthers), Gabriel  Dall'Agnese (CUS Brescia-ASD Bergamo), Lemba Della Salandra (BC Ancona-CUS Ancona), Daniele Di Monte (ASD Staranzano), Sean Fasano (Fiorentina-Jr. Firenze), Nicolo Ioli (Torre Pedrera), Nicola Marziali (ASD Eagles Baseball), Leonardo Menoni (Fiorentina-Jr. Firenze), Daniel Xavier Monti (SSD Bollate), Lorenzo Morresi (Macerata Angels), Mattia Pancellini (BSC Grosseto 1952), Andrea Pasotto (Milano BAS 46), Marco Pizzolini (New Black Panthers), Federico Ricci (Nettuno Academy), Marco Servidei (ASD Godo-ASD Goti), Oscar Tucci (Macerata Angels-Chieti), Alex Viloria (Jr. Parma BC), and Samuele Zucconi (ASD Jr. Rimini). FIBS plans to incorporate Sicily as one its destinations in the year-round master plan for Team Italy. Southern Italians have been anticipating the Azzurri's arrival for a very long time, and they are optimistic that Team Italy will relish the opportunity to play in sunny Sicily. Forza #Italia! #LetsMakeItHappen 

by Roberto Angotti