Team Italy Juniors manager John Cortese brings experience to U18 Baseball World Cup

Azzurri Juniors manager John Cortese is preparing to travel with twenty of the country’s best prospects to Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada to compete in the 27th Annual U18 Baseball World Cup, which takes place in the Port Arthur Stadium and Baseball Central from September 1-10, 2017.

John Cortese is the perfect choice to manage Team Italy Juniors because he possesses two decades of seasoned experience, earned as a middle infielder in Europe while competing in the Italian Baseball League (860 games and a .325 lifetime batting average). Adding to his resume, Cortese brings international playing experience to the table as a result of many years competing on the Team Italy squad in the IBAF World Cup.

Team Italy skipper John Cortese is a proven winner. He played on two European championship teams and trained with the 1984 Olympic squad in Florida prior to their games at Dodger Stadium. John Cortese embodies the fighting Azzurri spirit as he mentors these young and promising Italian players on and off the field. Of the 20 players on the Team Italy U18 roster, nine of the athletes have trained diligently at the FIBS Italian Baseball Academy in Tirrenia, Italy.

A stellar coaching squad consisting of Rolando Cretis, Stefano Cappuccini and Gianluca Marenghi as well as conditioning coach Daniele Santolupo support Team Italy manager John Cortese as they create their winning strategy for their players to execute. The Azzurri coaches have inspired the U18 squad to play fiercely during the competition in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada. Be sure to follow Team Italy in Thunder Bay on social media using the hashtag #U18WorldCup. Forza #Italia!

by Roberto Angotti