FIBS Academy Under 18 Juniors defeat France 3-1 in MLB Spring Euro Academies Tourney

After beating the Netherlands in their first game of the 2017 MLB Spring European Academies Tournament in Barcelona, Spain, FIBS Academy director Bill Holmberg’s squad of Italy’s top 26 prospects returned to register back-to-back wins with a 3-1 victory over France. Azzurri starting pitcher Stefano Censi (Oltretorrente) came out firing to keep the French team off-balance and off the bases. Relievers Daniele Di Monte (Junior Alpine) and Andrea Bettarini (Livorno) insured Italy’s lead would hold, but a home run by Azzurri shortstop Giulio Da Re (New Black Panthers) put the game out of France’s reach.

The 10th Annual MLB Spring Academy Tournament is an under 18 (U18) youth baseball tournament organized by Major League Baseball to showcase U18 national teams from Italy, the Netherlands, Germany and the Czech Republic. By assembling Europe’s finest baseball players in a competitive setting, MLB scouts get a glimpse of the many unheralded elite prospects to determine who are the next European All-Stars.  

by Roberto Angotti