FIBS Academy’s Leo Seminati blasts homer to help Italy beat Holland 3-2 in MLB Spring Euro Academies Tournament

Having traveled with Team Italy to 2017 Spring Training in Mesa, Arizona, FIBS Academy first baseman Leo Seminati (Collecchio) learned some valuable lessons from former MLB veteran and current Azzurri coach Sal Fasano. The six-foot-two Italian 2016 Power Showcase Home Run Derby slugger’s hard work paid off and was the difference in the young FIBS Academy squad’s 3-2 win over the Netherlands in the third annual MLB European Academies Tournament in Barcelona, Spain. Pitchers Michele Pomponi (Parma), Oscar Tucci (Maserata Angels) and Samuel Aldegheri (San Martino Junior) collectively held the rival Dutch to just two runs. The Azzurri are a group of 26 talented Italian players who have trained tirelessly under the guidance and direction of FIBS Academy director Bill Holmberg. During the week-long international competition, Italy battles the Netherlands, France, Germany and the European All-Stars.

Roberto Angotti