IBL 2016 Gold Gloves and Silver Bats Announced

A commission composed of the FIBS Communications Office, the National Committee of Scorers, and the coaching staff of the Italian National Team announced the selections for the 2016 Italian Baseball League Gold Gloves and Silver Bats.

The winners will be recognized and receive their awards during the 2017 season.

The Gold Gloves were assigned to the players with the best defensive performance at each position. The results were a study of the statistics. For the outfielders, the top three were chosen without differentiating each outfield position.

The athletes awarded the 2016 IBL Gold Gloves are:

PITCHER Luca Panerati (Fortitudo Bologna)
CATCHER Simone Albanese (San Marino)
1ST BASE Lorenzo Gradali (Parma)
2ND BASE Alessandro Vaglio (Fortitudo Bologna)
3RD BASE Giuseppe Mazzanti (Nettuno Baseball City)
SHORTSTOP Ronny Cedeno (Fortitudo Bologna)
OUTFIELD Lorenzo Dobboletta (Novara), Stefano Desimoni (Rimini), Nico Garbella (Parma)

The Silver Bats instead reward the the highest batting average at each position. For the designated hitter the total offensive performance was used for the final choice. Here are the winners:

CATCHER Luis Alvarez (Padova-AVG .331)
1ST BASE Daniel Mayora (Rimini-AVG .313)
2ND BASE Andrea Sellaroli (Nettuno Baseball City- AVG .268)
3RD BASE Juan Carlos Infante (Fortitudo Bologna-AVG .312)
SHORTSTOP Ronny Cedeno (Fortitudo Bologna-AVG .368)
OUTFIELD Sebastiano Poma (San Marino-AVG .369), Paolino Ambrosino (Fortitudo Bologna-AVG .346), Nick Nosti (Padova-AVG .305)
DESIGNATED HITTER Osman Marval (Fortitudo Bologna-AVG .354)