Elective Assembly November 26th in Salsomaggiore

The Consiglio Federale has announced that the Ordinary National Assembly, during which the FIBS President and the next Consiglio Federale will be elected for the four years 2017-2020, will be held in Salsomaggiore (Parma) Saturday November 26th. The vote will proceed according to the Statutes and Federation Rules. In the coming days there will be a section of this website dedicated to the Elective Assembly.

President Riccardo Fraccari and Vice President Massimo Focchi will continue to meet with baseball and softball clubs to define and plan for the coming season, with the final decisions made and approved by the next elected Consiglio.

The youth level of baseball has also been announced that in the 2017 season will have the same divisions as the international baseball, Under 12, Under 15, and Under 18, and more details will be determined during an October 24th video conference meeting.

Three companies confirmed their interest in supplying the official balls for the 2017 through 2020 season: Team Mate International, Amer Sports, and Italian Sport Fashion Design. A legal commission will evaluate each of the proposals. The technical commission is composed of Marco Mazzieri, Domenico Micheli, and Angelo Fanara (baseball) and Marina Centrone and Paola Marfoglia (softball).

The 2017 Coach Convention will be held from January 27th to January 29th in Treviso, while the next Umpire Convention is planned for February 24th through 26th in Parma.

And lastly, the deadline for affiliate and reaffiliation has been fixed for November 15th, while the deadline for teams to enroll in specific league levels has been pushed back to December 16th.