Softball: European Cups this week for Bussolengo, Forlì and Legnano

Two European titles to defend for the Italian Softball League clubs that will participate in the Champions' Cup and the Cup Winners' Cup this week.

Bussolengo and Forli will try for the top title in the Champions' Cup now known as the Eurpoean Premier Cup in Cervignano and Ronchi dei Legionari. The tournament will feature nine teams playing a round robin with the top four teams advancing to a special bracket concluding with one team hoisting the trophy the evening of August 20th.  Joining the two Italian teams are Hoboken (Belgium), Praga (Czech Repubblic), Tolone (France), Vesseling (Germany), Haarlem Sparks (Netherlands), Skovde (Sweden) and Lucern (Switzerland).

Meanwhile Legnano will play in Ostrava in the Cup Winner's Cup, won last year by Forli. The ten teams will be in two groups of five, and the top three will advance to the second round, followed with the championship game again on August 20th. Joining the Italian team are Amager (Denmark), host Ostrava (Czech Repubblic), Brasschaat (Belgium), Mannheim (Germany), Tempo (Czech Repubblic), Olympia Haarlem (Netherlands), Therwil (Switzerland).