Italian Pro Series: Italy drops game 3 in tie-break

USSSAPride won the second of two games in Parma 2-0 in the second game of the series parmigiana, after a hard faught and well played game, where the azzure will look back at having squandered a leadoff triple. This was the best Team Italy of the week despite the loss.

The Pride did not have star Andrea Duran, who injured her right ankle in the previous game. But on the mound Hannah Rogers went the distance in a complete game shutout.

Marina Centrone in addition to the regular roster had some local players and fielded a new lineup: Sara Avanzi (La Loggia) catcher, Lara Cecchetti (Bollate) second base, Eva Trevisan (Bologna) shortstop, Julia Longhi (Bussolengo) third base, Beatrice Richi (La Loggia) left field, Priscilla Brandi (Bologna), first base, Alice Parisi (Bollate) center field, Melany Sheldon (Caronno) dp, Lara Buila ( branded) right field and on the mound Greta Cecchetti (Bollate).

Cecchetti and Rogers both allowed the leadoff runners to reach in a scoreless first inning. After two innings Cecchetti was relieved by Boniardi for a scoreless inning and Ronchetti for another, while Rogers continued to mow down hitters.

Italy had only one hit so far in the fifth inning when Alice Parisi tripled to right to lead off in a still scoreless game. But after a strikeout, Parisi was tagged out in a run down on a grounder, and another ground ended the threat.

After six seven shutout innnings, including three in a row by Mara Papucci, the score remained 0-0 with Italy outhitting the Pride 4-3, and the game moved into the tie break with a runner put on second and was sacrificed to third before a groundout for the second out. With two outs Kamekona tripled to right, and DiSalvatore followed with a single as the pride scored what would become the only two runs of the game. Rogers retired all three batters she faced in the bottom of the eighth to complete the extra inning shutout performance.

The fourth and final game in the series will be played Thursday at 7pm in Bussolengo.