The “Yes” heard across Italy

Alessandro Maestri will most certainly go down in history as one of Italy’s most important pitchers… This Italian ballplayer out of Rimini has truly become an Italian icon over the last couple of years. From his stint stateside with the Cubs organization, to his years spent in Japan with the Oryx Buffaloes, Maestri has made a name for himself across the globe, representing his Italian heritage to the fullest. This past week Maestri took another giant leap in his life when he asked his longtime girlfriend, Gema Morales Espinosa to marry him with an ingenious proposal during a night out at the cinema. A personalized video popped up on the big screen, with their friends from around the world enthusiastically presenting a message, “SI”! Sure enough that was the answer, “SI”, an answer to a proposal of marriage that would land the two on a national TV program, ‘I Fatti Vostir’ on Rai Due, where they were asked to share their love story in front of a nationwide audience.  

The two will be married in Argentina later this year, with a second ceremony to take place in Rimini in 2016. As for now, Maestri will be locked up in the inaugural 2015 Premier12 with Team Italy, which is just about to get underway in Taiwan and Japan (8th through the 21st of November).