Mazzieri prepares for the Premier 12

It has been a hardy road thus for for Team Italy in regards to finalizing a 28-man roster for the inaugural Premier 12, which is scheduled to run from the 8th through 21st of November in Taiwan and Japan. At the moment Team Italy’s manager, Marco Mazzieri, is still waiting news from a few of his top choices, which includes the likes of Anthony J. Morris, Tiago Da Silva, Alex Liddi and Josè Escalona, all names who are currently under contact in the Latin American winter leagues.

Just a few of the well known Italian names that have been confirmed included, Alberto Mineo, Filippo Crepaldi, Davide Anselmi, Federico Celli, Palino Ambrosino, Alessandro Vaglio, Mattia Reginato and Renato Imperiali, all of whom are currently participating in early preparations at the Italian Baseball Academy in Tirrenia, Italy. Also among the names on the list you can find Alessandro Maestri, a name well known in Japan… having pitched for the Orix Buffaloes organization since 2012.

The Premier 12 is a flagship pro baseball world championship that will feature the National Teams from baseball’s 12 highest-ranked nations. The tournament is expected to become baseball’s highest-ranked international competition, awarding multi-millions in prize money. Italy falls at number 11 on the world’s top 12 list.