The IBL is back in full force

Nettuno will be welcoming in Tommasin Padova this Friday and Saturday evening for which is without a doubt the most important two game set in the IBL this weekend. Going for Nettuno on Friday evening will be Estrada who should be matched up with Quevedo on Padova’s side. As for the Italian game it will be the southpaw Enrico Crepaldi for Padova, while it looks as if Costantini will get the nod for Nettuno in a game that could be a bullpen by committee for Nettuno. Heading into this weekend Nettuno is tied with T&A San Marino with an 11 and 9 record, and just one back of Padova. 

The next series to take place this weekend with a lot on the line is the one between the Godo Knights and T&A San Marino. Game one on Friday evening will take place in Godo in a game that should feature both clubs foreigners, Uviedo for the Knights and Rodriguez for San Marino. On Saturday evening when the series shifts to San Marino look for Pizziconi to get the call for the home team, while on Godo’s side of the diamond look for Galeotti to get the start in hopes of continuing his strong 2015 campaign. San Marino needs a strong performance this weekend in order to keep pace with the top four in the league, while Godo needs a sweep if they have any aspirations whatsoever at top four finish. San Marino 11-9, Godo 7-13.

In Rimini it will be the home Pirates welcoming in Nettuno2 for a two game set on Friday and Saturday evening. The Pirates will not be taking the 6 and 14 Nettuno2 club lightly in this two game set on there march towards a postseason birth. Going for Rimini on Friday evening will be Candelario, who should be matched up against Gonzalez along with the newly acquired right hander, Marcos Tabata. On Saturday evening look for Richetti to get the call for Rimini and Milvio Andreozzi for Nettuno2. 

Last on the weekend it will be the first place UnipolSai Bologna squad and Parma locked up in a home-away two game set. Currently UnipolSai Bologna needs just four games to clinch a spot in the playoffs, while Parma’s playoff hopes have faded with the wind… sitting in the basement with a 5 and 15 record. Going for Bologna, in Bologna, on Friday evening it will be Fleming who will be matched up with Jimenez for for Parma, while on Saturday in Parma look for the southpaw Rivera to get the nod for the home team and De Santis to go for Bologna. 

Schedule of Games