Week three in the IBL brings with it yet another big two game set

In the series of the week between T&A San Marino and the Rimini Pirates look for Friday night’s game in Rimini to be the one pitched by both clubs foreigners, Candelario for Rimini and most likely the southpaw Rodney Rodriguez for T&A San Marino. It’s going to be interesting to see both clubs starting lineups when it comes the names that will be penciled in especially seeing as if a couple of the bigs names on each side are in question… Mazzanti and Spinelli for Rimini and Mazzuca for San Marino. When the series shifts to San Marino on Saturday night it’s going be Pizziconi for T&A and most like Cherubini for the Pirates. Both games one and two have scheduled start times of 8:30 pm. 

In Bologna, UnipolSai will be welcoming in Nettuno2 for a two game set. Currently both clubs are sitting at a 2 and 2 mark after the first two weeks of play in the 2015 IBL’s regular season. For Bologna it looks to be business as usual with Fleming to get the ball in their foreign game and De Santis in the Italian contest. On the other side of the diamond it’s going to be once again the lefty, Norberto Gonzalez and Milvio Andreozzi. Nettuno2’s manager, Alberto D’Auria will have a new name to go to in his pen in the foreign pitched game after the arrival of the Cuban, Duniel Ibarra. Both games will be played in Bologna on Friday and Saturday at 8:30 pm.

In the two game matchup between the Godo Knights and Padova it will be Friday’s home team that comes into this two game contest with high hopes of a two game sweep over the Knights. After sweeping their two game set just a week ago against the Rimini Pirates, Padova has every right to head into this contest as the favorites. In Padova’s foreign game it will once again be the dominant Quevedo, while in the Italian pitched game it will be the southpaw, Enrico Crepaldi. On the other side of the ball it’s going to be Padova’s ex foreigner, Uviedo, while in the Italian game look for Galeotti to get the call. Game one is set to take place in Padova at 8:30 pm, while game 2 of this two game set will be played out in Godo with the first pitch scheduled for 8:30.

Finally, Parma will be making their first road trip of the season when they head down to Rome for a two game set on Friday and Saturday with Nettuno. Both clubs have one win apiece to their name, with Parma currently sitting at a 1 and 3 mark, while Nettuno comes in at a 1 and 2. In Parma’s foreign pitched matchup it will be Jimenez while in the Italian game it will be the lefty, Rivera. On the other side of the diamond for Nettuno, Estrada will be the name on the bump in the foreign game, with either Ciarla or Salsiccia getting the nod in the Italian game.