The second weekend in the IBL to feature a clash of two of the leagues favorites.

In this the second weekend of the IBL the Italian baseball fans across Italy are in for a treat tonight and tomorrow with the two game set that is scheduled between UnipolSai Bologna and T&A San Marino, two of the leagues top clubs. On Friday evening it will be T&A San Marino to host Bologna in what will be the clubs home opener, with the series shifting to Bologna on Saturday. The two names that will be getting the nod from San Marino’s manager, Doriano Bindi, in games one and two look to be Romulo Sanchez and Andrea Pizziconi, while on Bologna side of the diamond it will once again be Fleming in the foreign game and Riccardo De Santis fresh off of his 100th career victory in the Italian game. Game one is set for tonight at 8:30 pm in San Marino and game two in Bologna at 8:30 on Saturday. 

The next series on the list is the one between the Rimini Pirates and Tommasin Padova, with game one of this two game set to take place this evening in Padova at 8:30 pm before the series shifts to Rimini tomorrow with an 8:30 pm start time. On Padova’s side of the ball manager, Khelyn Smith will have a couple of decisions to make between Nosti (OF) and Epifano (SS), when he fills out the lineup card, however with Sciacca (OF) severing a one game suspension look for Nosti to be that Smith pencils in over Epifano. In the foreign game it will once again be Quevedo that gets the call fresh off of his upset victory over Bologna in Bologna a week ago, while in the Italian game it will be the southpaw, Enrico Crepaldi. On the other side of the diamond Rimini will have to do without the likes of Peppe Mazzanti who will be sidelined this weekend after spraining his knee against Nettuno2 in the season opener a week ago. With this said, look for manager, Munoz to fill in the gap with Di Fabio at third. On the bump it will be Candelario in the foreign game, and either Corradini or Cherubini in the Italian matchup. 

Down in Rome, Nettuno will be welcoming in Godo for two, with it being a moment of truth for both clubs. Last week in Rimini, Nettuno dropped both their games to go 0-2 on the season, however the club proved that they are no laughing matter when they lace up their cleats having given Rimini a run for their money in both their games. As for Godo, they were able to walk away with a split in Param a week ago… a result that may or may not be a disappointing one. Nettuno has yet to establish a name on the mound in their Italian pitched game, while in the foreign game it will be Estrada. On Godo’s side it will be Uviedo and Galeotti on the bump. Game one is scheduled for 8:30 pm tonight and game two at 8:30 pm tomorrow.

Finally in Param it will be a 1 and 1 Parma club that welcomes in an 0 and 2 Nettuno2. Taking the ball for the home team in their Italian game will be Yomel Rivera while in the foreign game it will be Jimenez who will be getting the start. On Nettuno2 side look for Milvio Andreozzi in the Italian game and Norberto Gonzalez in the foreign game. Game one is set for tonight for the first pitched scheduled for 8:00 pm and game two tomorrow evening, same time same place.

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