Opening day 2015

Bologna vs. Padova
Friday the 27th in Bologna @ 8:30 pm
Saturday the 28th in Padova @ 8:30 pm

In the two game series between UnipolSai Bolognaand Tommasin Padova some may expect it to be one that is dominated by the defending IBL Champs, Bologna. However, looking back to last years second series of the year when these very two clubs met up, it was Padova that put a shocking on Bologna with an upset victory. In Padova’s foreign pitched game it should be Carlos Quevedo getting the ball in front of both Enrique Gonzalez and Angel Calero. As for the rest of the names on the roster, it will be interesting to see who manager, Khelyn Smith pencils into his lineup card, especially with the new names that he has to work with in 2015: Daniele Malengo, Catcher - Luis Alvarez, Short Stop - Luca Martone. As for Padova’s Italian pitched contest, it will be the southpaw Enrico Crepaldi.

On UnipolSai Bologna’s side of the diamond, manager Nanni has a lot to be excited for heading into his 2015 campaign with what looks to be an even stronger club then the 2014 championship squad. Even without Malengo, D’Amico, Barbaresi, Baez, Oeltjen, and Williamson, Bologna is without any doubt one of the league favorites with their revamped lineup full of heavy hitters that includes the likes of 1st Baseman - Alex Sambucci, 3rd Baseman - Cesar Suarez, 2nd Baseman - Vaglio, RF -Liverziani, CF - Ambrosino and C - Guillermo… Can you say a ‘pitchers nightmare’? In Bologna’s foreign game it will be their new right handed arm, Marquis Fleming, backed up by Raul Rivero, while in the Italian game look for DeSantis to get the nod. 

Rimini vs. Nettuno
Friday the 27th @ 8:30 pm
Saturday the 28th @ 8:30 pm

In Rimini, the city has a lot to look forward to as the Rimini Pirates head into their 2015 campaign under the new direction of Orlando Munoz. The Pirates have had a rough go at it to say the least over the past couple of years, making it to the finals of the Italian Baseball League and coming up just short on all three occasions, but the atmosphere surrounding the organization heading into this season is without a doubt on the up-and-up, even with the departure of a number of well know names off of their 2014 roster. Going for the Pirates in their foreign game will be one of their new names, Alexis Candelario.. backed up by both Josè Escalona and Victor Moreno. In the Italian game it will be Coradini getting the call, backed up by Bertolini and Richetti. On a side note, look out for some nifty glove work offered up by their newly acquired shortstop, (ex big leaguer) Ray Olmedo. Will this be their year?

On Nettuno’s side side, Guglielmo Trinci (manager) will have a number of new names to work with in 2015… 13 in all, of which include: P - Alessandro Ularetti, 3B - Andrea D’Amico, P - Jhonny Montoya, 2B - Renato Imperiali, P - Mauro Salciccia, 1B - *Max De Biase, P - Paul Estrada, OF - Giuseppe Sellaroli, 2B - Andrea Sellaroli, OF - Davide Murari, 2B - Josè Ferrini, C - Carlos Maldonado and P - Davide Anselmi. In the Italian game it will be Florian while Estrada will be going in the foreign contest. Absent from the roster in this first two game series of the season will be both De Biase and shortstop - Nunez.

Nettuno2 vs. San Marino
Friday the 27th in Rome @ 8:30 pm
Saturday the 28th in Rome @ 8:30 pm

Down in Rome it will be Angel Service Nettuno2 facing off against T&A San Marino on both Friday and Saturday evenings. Some would say that San Marino holds all the cards in their hand in this two game matchup, but new look Nettuno2 ball club may not be one to overlook. Interesting enough Nettuno2 also has three names on their 2015 roster that wore T&A’s colors in 2014, pitchers Milvio Andreozzi and Valerio Simone (starting pitcher in the Italian game) as well as the backstop / outfielder Mattia Reginato, all of which should make this an interesting first encounter of the season. Other names to look out for on the roster include C - Osman Marval, 3B - Stefano Giannetti, INF - Josè Flores, and foreign pitcher Gonzalez (starting pitcher in the foreign game).

On T&A’s side, manager Bindi will once again have a number of well know ballplayers disposal, of which include the likes of the Italian National team captain, Mario Chiarini. Going for San Marino in the foreign game should be their new arm, Romulo Sanchez, backed up by the southpaw Rodney Rodriguez, while in the Italian game Bindi could go with Andrea Pizziconi or Junior Oberto.

Parma vs. Godo
Friday the 27th in Parma @ 8:00 pm
Saturday the 28th in Godo @ 8:00 pm

In Parma it will be a completely different type of season then it was a year ago when they found themselves amongst the top 4 in the IBL. With the return of Gilberto Gerali as the team’s manager, the club is without a doubt in good hands, however the lack of experience that he has to work with may prove to be too much for this club to be able to compete amongst the ‘big boys’ in the league. Going in the Italian game it will be the southpaw, Yomel Rivera, while in the foreign game look for their new arm, Jimenez to get the bid. 

As for Fuzzi and his Godo Knights, it could be a perfect beginning to their 2015 season as they enter into this two game set as the favorites in the series. Going for Godo in their foreign game will be one of their new acquisitions on the bump, Ronald Uviedo, while in the Italian game look for Matteo Galeotti to get the start.