The 2015 Parma Baseball Club

With the departures of 11 players (most of which are well known in the Italian Baseball League - Sambucci, Desimoni, Loardi, Giovannelli, Lori, Imperiali, Giannetti, Marval, Camilo, Toledo and Fanfoni)) off the 2014 roster, Parma without a doubt had to do the the most shopping around this offseason in order to field a team. New to Parma this season will be 1B - Claudio Biagini (Modena in 2014), OF - Luca Gregorini (Modena in 2014), P - Matteo Spada (Collecchio in 2014), P - Dario Guarda, C - Alessandro Deotto (Ronchi dei Legionari in 2014), C - Paolo Cetti (Piacenza in 2014),  SS - Freddy Noguera (Bilbao in 2014), 1B - Alberto Fossa (Crocetta in 2014), P - Alessandro Petralia (Ronchi dei Legionari in 2014), IF - Matteo Pizzolini (Ronchi dei Legionari in 2014),  P - Yoimer Camacho (Tigres Aragua in 2014), P - Josè Miguel Jimenez (Cardenales in 2014), OF - Daniele Santolupo (Grosseto in 2014) and Utility -Nicola Garbella (Grosseto in 2014). Of the few names that stuck around off the 2014 roster look for the southpaw - Yomel Rivera to be called up to help lead this young club as well as infielder, Luca Scalera. With the injury bug already causing havoc in the clubhouse, everyone should have their fair chance to prove their worth under Gerali’s guidance in 2015. Parma will welcome in Godo on Friday evening, with the start time of 8:00 pm.