The 2015 Italian Baseball League

The 2015 Italian Baseball League will consist of eight clubs in a single division (diverse of the 2014 formula, two divisions of eight). The calendar will be split up into two phases, with the first phase containing all eight teams, and the second phase to play host to only the top four squads out of phase number one. Finally, the Italian Baseball Series (League Finals) will showcase the top two clubs out of the second phase. Opening day is set for the 27th of March and will feature the following two game series:

Nettuno2-San Marino
Rimini-Città di Nettuno
Fortitudo Bologna-Padova

2015 IBL Calander

This year’s league will consist of two pauses. One of which will take place for the European Champions Cup during the first week of June, and the second for the All-Star break that has yet to be determined (4th or 11th of July). The first phase will get underway on the 27th of March and come to a conclusion by the 11th of July. The second phase will begin on the 17th July and come to a conclusion on the 31st of August. The Italian Baseball Series (best of 7) will then be set to kick off on the 3rd of September with the eventually if necessary game seven to take place on September the 18th.  

Each club will be allowed 4 foreigners in the first phase of the season, while allowing the possibility for those clubs participating in the second phase to add another foreigner to their roster come the 17th of July.