A new academic year underway in Tirrenia

The FIBS academy is currently in full rhythm down in Tirrenia under the direction of the coordinator, Bill Holmberg and his staff. A number of ballplayers can currently be found at the facilities of which 22 are permanent residents, 3 are foreigners (Matthew Moreau, Matthee Haydn, and Starc Bor), and another 6 are outside athletes who of which three are currently under contract with affiliated teams (Federicao Giordani – LA Dodgers, Alberto Mineo – Chicago Cubs, Davide Anselmi – Cincinnati Reds, Niccolò Clemente – Boston Red Sox. The other two outside parties are the brothers, Filippo Crepaldi (Fortitudo Bologna) and Enrico Crepaldi (Padova).

Alongside Bill Holmberg is his staff made up of Marco Mazzieri, Pedro Jova, Kiki Gonzalez, Daniele Santolupo and Gianni Natale. The medical staff on hand consists of Alessandro Pierucci, Claudio Deriu, Luca Farinelli, Cristina Minneci and Francesco Paperini.

The academy will be opening up its doors to another 6 athletes in November of this year.