The President of the ANOC believes that Baseball and Softball should be reinstated in the Olympics

A potentially important piece of news came out of Sochi (Russia) the other day when the President of the ANOC (Association of National Olympic Committees), Sheikh Ahmad Al-Fahad AL-SABAH, spoke to the press where among his statements he said, “Baseball and Softball deserve to be reinstated for the 2020 summer Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan. Seeing the importance of the sport in the country, it would be important for the public and for the Olympic Games equally.” Ever since Thomas Bach, the IOC’s current president, took office late last year he has been pointing in the direction of modifying certain rules to allow for more flexibility in the selection of games based upon where they are to be played. A final decision on whether or not the Baseball and Softball will make the cut in 2020 will be made later on this year in December.