1. No wooden bats may be used in the Italian Championship or in any official FIBS events without prior approval.
    Approval may be revoked at any time by FIBS if the product does not conform to the following article number 2.

  2. All bats used must comply with the requirements of the OFFICIAL BASEBALL RULES 1.10. as partially listed here below.

  3. The bat must be made from a single piece of wood from the knob to the head, which must be clearly visible. The bat shall be a smooth, round stick not more than 2.61 inches in diameter at the thickest part and not more than 42 inches in length.

  4. The name of the supplier, brand name or ring must only be marked on one area of the bat:

    a) this area must not be more than 4 inches in width and 2 in height and must be higher than 18 inches from the base of the bat;

    1. b)  if a ring with a brand name is used, it must not be more than 1 inch in height and must be higher than 18 inches from the base of the bat;

    2. c)  bats with two colours must be divided into two distinct sections. The change in colour must be higher than 18 inches from the base of the bat or start from the ring with the brand name.

  5. Bats may not bear any writing, symbols or advertising except for those of the manufacturer, unless expressly authorised by the FIBS, and in any case always in compliance with the OFFICIAL BASEBALL RULES.

  6. The name of a player or bat model approved by the FIBS can be positioned so that they end 2 inches from the head of the bat. This reserved area may not be more than 3 inches in length and 2 inches in height, which means one line for the model, a second line for the player's name and one for the name of the team.

  7. The team logo, names or emblems and the above-mentioned brand names may be included in one of two areas on the bat and must not be more than 4 inches in length and 2 inches wide:

    a) centred on the name of the manufacturer, player or model, or
    b) in an area on the opposite side of the bat to where the name of the

    manufacturer, player or model has been placed.

  8. Batsmaybeinanyofthefollowingcolours:

    a) natural wood;
    b) black;
    c) blackandnaturalwood; d) dark brown.

  9. Forabatbrandtobeapproved,themanufacturermust:
    a) send 3 bats of the main/best selling model for each manufacturing material 
    (wood) for which approval is requested;

    b) specify the weight, length and model of each type of bat

c) provideatechnicalreportoneachbatspecifyingthetypeandoriginofthewood,

as well as the maturing process relative to the wood and all information

necessary to illustrate the bats manufacturing processes;
d) include, if present, letter of approval from Major League Baseball or the

presence of the bat in the certified list of the Sports Science Lab of the Washington State University

e) attach a declaration of conformity of the products to the OFFICIAL BASEBALL RULES and to bind himself to release FIBS from any liability and to hold harmless, substantially and procedurally FIBS from any responsibility, cost or expense, even of legal nature, related to any possible damage may occur to any third party from the in-game use of the products

f) with regard to the approval of composite bats or bats made of innovative materials, the manufacturer must submit an expert’s report issued by an internationally accredited laboratory;

g) attach proof of payment of the approval fee for EUR 1,000.00, to be paid into the FIBS account IBAN IT70 T010 0503 3090 0000 0010 101 at the Banca Nazionale del Lavoro – CONI branch no. 6309. The fee will in any case be kept by the FIBS even if a bat is not approved.

10.Once it has heard the opinion of a specifically appointed Committee, the FIBS shall take a decision in relation to a request for approval within 60 days and communicate the approval reference number.

11.Such approval shall be valid for the running Olympic quadrennium and it must be renewed on expiry. 



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