The 50-year anniversary celebration of Czech Baseball and Softball

The Czech Baseball and Softball Association celebrated 50 years this past week at the historical hall of Staropramen brewery in Prague, with more then 150 visitors in attendance.

The event was focused on the early days of baseball and softball in the Czech Republic, with the association’s founders and individuals involved in the development of these two great games. Those in attendance weretreated to some very special true-life stories about the early days of the baseball and softball movement. Other special guests that were part of this historical event were the current representatives of Czech baseball and softball, the Czech Olympic Committee, the Czech Sports Association, the Faculty of Physical Education of Charles University in Prague, and Czech Television. Members of Czech Baseball and Softball Hall of Fame (founded 2012) were also introduced. Archive recordings from Czech Television were showed during throughout the celebration, so everybody had possibility to see how baseball and softball have grown.