Faso: "The wonderful game of baseball is for everyone"

Kids playing and having fun, moms who motivate, dads watching, filming, and photographing. The inauguration of the first Italian baseball field inside the public ‘Parco Forlanini’ of Milan has come to light, a few steps from the historic ‘Campo Saini’ where both Elio and Faso (members of ‘Elio e Le Storie Tese’) play with there club team, the Ares, and only a few kilometers from the city center of Milan. The field has been designed and established for anyone who wants to try his or her hand at baseball or softball. The goal of the city of Milan, which funded the new Ball Park in the Park, is to give anyone who wants to play baseball or softball an organized space to do so. Milan is trying to give its citizens a way to practice sport at no cost and this area is a prime example to be able to do so on wide open grounds. The new establishment will be run by both the city of Milan and the Ares ball club, with the solitary goal of giving everyone a chance to play ball. “Its amazing what four bases, a bat, a ball and a glove can do, all allowing one, or a group to pass carefree hours playing the wonderful game of baseball.” said Faso “This is truly a wonderful day for all.”